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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The DrainpipeHS 4b **2nd01/Aug/10Burbage South Edge
The StaircaseHS 4b *Lead01/Aug/10Burbage South Edge
WazzockHS 4b *2nd01/Aug/10Burbage South Edge
Fox House FlakeVS 4b **2nd01/Aug/10Burbage South Quarries
Apple Jack CrackVD *Lead11/Jul/10Gardoms Edge
Apple CrackHD *Lead11/Jul/10Gardoms Edge
N.M.C. CrackVD **Lead11/Jul/10Gardoms Edge
Grey CrackHD Lead11/Jul/10Gardoms Edge
Brown Slabs CrackVS 4c **Lead09/Apr/10Shepherds Crag
CrescendoHS *2nd09/Apr/10Shepherds Crag
The BludgeonE1 5b ***2nd09/Apr/10Shepherds Crag
Left Twin CrackS 4a *Lead13/Mar/10Burbage North
Still OrangeS 4a *2nd13/Mar/10Burbage North
Ring ClimbS 4a 2nd13/Mar/10Burbage North
The Flake ClimbS 4a ***2nd06/Sep/09Ilkley (Rocky Valley)
Three Slabs RouteMS **Lead06/Sep/09Ilkley (Rocky Valley)
Right-hand TrinityS 4a **Lead30/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***2nd30/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Christmas CrackHS 4a ***2nd30/Aug/09Stanage Popular
April CrackHS 4b ***2nd30/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Pegasus WallVS 4c *2nd23/Aug/09Stanage Plantation
Paradise AreteVS 4c **2nd23/Aug/09Stanage Plantation
Wall ButtressVS 5a **2nd23/Aug/09Stanage Plantation
The Right UnconquerableHVS 5a ***2nd23/Aug/09Stanage Plantation
Fresh Air6a **2nd28/Jun/09Never Never Land
Hawk Eye5c *Lead28/Jun/09Never Never Land
Mental LentilsHVS 5b *2nd28/Jun/09Vivian Quarry
SeamstressVS 4c ***2nd28/Jun/09Serengeti
Fag SlabS 4a **Lead24/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Fag Slab VariantVS 4c **2nd24/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Overhanging CrackMVS 4c ***2nd21/Jun/09Peel crag
CrystalHVS 5a ***2nd21/Jun/09Crag Lough
Tarzan's MateVD **Lead21/Jun/09Crag Lough
SunsetMS ***Lead21/Jun/09Peel crag
Rock Island LIneE1 5b ***2nd21/Jun/09Peel crag
The Second Ice-field6a+ *2nd15/Jun/09Giggleswick South
Alpiglen5c Lead15/Jun/09Giggleswick South
Fag Slab VariantVS 4c **2nd12/May/09Brimham Rocks
Allan's CrackVS 4c ***2nd12/May/09Brimham Rocks
President's SlabHD ***Lead18/Apr/09Rylstone
Climbers' Club OrdinaryVS 4b **2nd12/Apr/09The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***2nd11/Apr/09The Dewerstone
ValaHVS 5a **2nd11/Apr/09The Dewerstone
Black Wall EliminateE2 5c ***2nd dnf21/Mar/09Almscliff
Stew PotHVD *Lead21/Mar/09Almscliff
Black WallVS 5a *2nd21/Mar/09Almscliff
Pups' ClimbS 4a Lead15/Mar/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Pets' CornerHS 4b *Lead15/Mar/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Kitten's ClimbVD *Solo15/Mar/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Tippling AreteHVS 5b 2nd15/Mar/09Scugdale - Scot Crags