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NameStyleDate Crag name
VoyagerSent x21/Feb/15Burbage North
The BuccaneerSent x14/Feb/15Trowbarrow
The TerraceSent x17/Jan/15Burbage North
Milky ButtonsSent x11/Jan/15The Five Clouds
Inertia ReelSent x11/Jan/15Roaches Lower Tier
Sole PowerSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
RambeauSent β04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
Business LunchSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
FacehuggerSent x24/Dec/14Targasonne Boulders, French...
L'oeuf d'alienSent x24/Dec/14Targasonne Boulders, French...
L'oeil du voisinSent β24/Dec/14Targasonne Boulders, French...
Pince MinceSent β24/Dec/14Targasonne Boulders, French...
La Theorie du ChaosSent x23/Dec/14Targasonne Boulders, French...
The Art of White Hat WearingSent x07/Dec/14Curbar Edge
CasaSent x23/Nov/14Coniston Bouldering
The HašiendaSent x23/Nov/14Coniston Bouldering
Big JoeSent β14/Nov/14Joes Valley
Nerve ExtensionSent x14/Nov/14Joes Valley
Dark side of the MoonSent β12/Nov/14Joes Valley
Nerf or NothingSent β12/Nov/14Joes Valley
Wax or WaneSent β12/Nov/14Joes Valley
Dirt And GrimeSent β10/Nov/14Joes Valley
LankySent β10/Nov/14Joes Valley
Sweat AreteSent β10/Nov/14Joes Valley
Wash OutSent β10/Nov/14Joes Valley
Worse Case ScenarioSent x10/Nov/14Joes Valley
MonarchSent x10/Nov/14Joes Valley
FreakSent x09/Nov/14Joes Valley
Ghost KingSent x09/Nov/14Joes Valley
GatoradeSent β09/Nov/14Joes Valley
ScarySent β09/Nov/14Joes Valley
Snake MouthSent β09/Nov/14Joes Valley
Ghost of WarSent x09/Nov/14Joes Valley
Double DeliciousSent β07/Nov/14Joes Valley
Porcini or PortobelloSent β07/Nov/14Joes Valley
Stand-up ComedianSent β07/Nov/14Joes Valley
SkullSent x07/Nov/14Joes Valley
Skeleton KeySent x07/Nov/14Joes Valley
FingerhutSent x06/Nov/14Joes Valley
Milkman SitSent x06/Nov/14Joes Valley
Big BoySent β06/Nov/14Joes Valley
MilkmanSent β06/Nov/14Joes Valley
MilkstacheSent β06/Nov/14Joes Valley
The AnglerSent β04/Nov/14Joes Valley
Gentleman's ProjectSent x04/Nov/14Joes Valley
Resident EvilSent β03/Nov/14Joes Valley
Bad GenesSent β03/Nov/14Joes Valley
Pimpin JeansSent β03/Nov/14Joes Valley
Planet of the ApesSent x03/Nov/14Joes Valley
ChipsSent x03/Nov/14Joes Valley