204 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameStyleDate Crag name
MP3Sent x07/Apr/13Birchen Edge
Remergence StartSent x13/Oct/12Burbage North
Mark's RoofSent x12/Oct/12Gardoms Edge
Nigel's RoofSent x12/Oct/12Gardoms Edge
Mark's Roof OriginalSent x12/Oct/12Gardoms Edge
Mark's Roof Left-HandSent x12/Oct/12Gardoms Edge
TracksideSent x12/Oct/12Curbar Edge
HemlineSent x15/Sep/12Higgar Tor
SickSent x15/Sep/12Higgar Tor
Quintessential HiggarismsSent x15/Sep/12Higgar Tor
Think About ItLead O/S18/Aug/12Winspit
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...Lead O/S18/Aug/12Winspit
Post-coital SnoozeLead O/S18/Aug/12Winspit
Mouldy Bananas-31/Mar/12Gollums Cave
Hamper's HangSent x12/Mar/12Stanage Popular
Boy RacerSent x26/Feb/12Dinas Rock
Thumb WarsSent x02/Jul/11Gollums Cave
SmeagolSent x06/May/11Gollums Cave
DeagolSent x06/May/11Gollums Cave
Taylor MadeSent x02/May/11Dinas Rock
Beauty of Being NumbSent x07/Mar/11Woodwell
Push to ProlapseSent x07/Mar/11Craig y Longridge
In Excess SDSSent x07/Mar/11Craig y Longridge
Gollum's TraverseSent x24/Aug/10Gollums Cave
Zippy's ProblemSent x31/May/10Stoney Middleton
Tom's OriginalSent β31/May/10Stoney Middleton
Power AllowanceSent x31/May/10Stoney Middleton
Zippy's Problem variant 2Sent x31/May/10Stoney Middleton
Zippy's Problem variant 1Sent x31/May/10Stoney Middleton
Ebenezer GoodeSent x28/May/10Warton Pinnacle Crag
Hoodoo PeopleSent x28/May/10Warton Pinnacle Crag
Big MarineSent x24/May/10Craig y Longridge
Vicker's EliminateSent x24/May/10Craig y Longridge
The CrushinatorSent x21/May/10Woodwell
The Funk PhenomenaSent x21/May/10Trowbarrow
E-FixSent x17/May/10Warton Pinnacle Crag
BowderiserSent x08/May/10The Bowderstone
StatstickSent x08/May/10The Bowderstone
Picnic SarcasticSent x08/May/10The Bowderstone
Picnic Sarcastic (ss)Sent x08/May/10The Bowderstone
The CrackSent O/S08/May/10The Bowderstone
Ned's ProblemSent x08/May/10Trowbarrow
CloserSent O/S08/May/10Woodwell
FirestarterSent x03/May/10Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Panty's DownSent x03/May/10Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Pantys Down Sit StartSent x03/May/10Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Razor RoofSent x05/Mar/10Cratcliffe Tor
The Weedkiller TraverseSent x24/May/09Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Sit Start to NowhereSent x10/Apr/09Carn Ffoi
J.T's BBQ SauceSent O/S10/Apr/09Carn Ffoi