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Logbook for Ybot Htulk

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Central GrooveHS 4b ***AltLdRichard13/Sep/12The Dewerstone
LeviathanVS 4c ***LeadRichard13/Sep/12The Dewerstone
There's Always An Angle5c LeadRichard06/Sep/12Cheddar Gorge North
GundabadE1 5b *LeadIvan31/Aug/12Goblin Combe
TreebeardVS 4c *2ndIvan31/Aug/12Goblin Combe
ElrondVS 4c *2ndIvan31/Aug/12Goblin Combe
Disaster AreaHVS 5a *2ndIvan31/Aug/12Goblin Combe
Sikaraté5c ***LeadColin25/Aug/12Baume Rousse
Chou Roi Pour Léa5c *AltLdColin25/Aug/12Baume Rousse
Lady Cassidy6a+ *LeadNorman and Sonya15/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Room With A View6a+ *LeadNorman and Sonya15/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Big Budget Productions6a *LeadNorman and Sonya15/Jul/12Cheddar Gorge North
Red Slab CornerS LeadMark06/Jul/12Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Well-honedHVS 4c *2ndMark06/Jul/12Brean Down (Fort Crags)
LedgendHS 4b *AltLdNick27/May/12Guillemot Ledge
Wall StreetHS 4b **AltLdNick27/May/12Cormorant Ledge
Emotional DyslexiaHVS 5a **2ndIvan & Nick20/May/12Shorn Cliff
State of IndependenceVS 4b **2ndIvan & Nick20/May/12Shorn Cliff
The Laughing CavaliersHVS 5a ***2ndIvan & Nick20/May/12Shorn Cliff
One Less White NiggerVS 4c **2ndIvan & Nick20/May/12Shorn Cliff
Organ GrinderHVS 5a **LeadIvan & Nick20/May/12Shorn Cliff
Junkyard Angel5c LeadRichard11/May/12The Perch Quarry, Shipham Hill
More To Share6a+ **LeadRichard11/May/12The Perch Quarry, Shipham Hill
KinkybootsVS 4c **AltLdDuncan07/May/12Baggy Point
SexilegsHVS 5a *AltLdDuncan07/May/12Baggy Point
FibreVS 4c **2ndSonya15/Apr/12Wyndcliffe
PapillonHS 4b **2ndSonya15/Apr/12Wyndcliffe
SinewHVS 5a **LeadSonya15/Apr/12Wyndcliffe
CrinoidE1 5b ***Lead dnfRichard29/Mar/12Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
AventuraHVS 4c **AltLdIvan24/Mar/12Boulder Ruckle
Wessex HangoverVS 4b *2ndIvan24/Mar/12Cattle Troughs
Room With A View6a+ *LeadRichard22/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge North
Big Budget Productions6a *LeadRichard22/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge North
Mr Ripple6a *LeadRichard22/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge North
Oh Pretty Woman!5c LeadRichard22/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge North
Like Father Like Son5a *LeadRichard22/Mar/12Cheddar Gorge North
GretaHS 4b **AltLdRichard??/Mar/12Wintour's Leap
TwinkletoesVS 4c *LeadRich and Nick, Nick27/Jan/12Baggy Point
Shangri-LaS 4a ***2ndRich and Nick27/Jan/12Baggy Point
MarionHS 4b *2ndRich and Nick27/Jan/12Baggy Point
NibelheimVS 4c **AltLdNick21/Jan/12Wintour's Leap
Left Hand RouteHS 4b **AltLdNick21/Jan/12Wintour's Leap
Gates of EdenHVS 5a ***AltLdJez06/Jan/12Daddyhole Main Cliff
Liaison With LeninHVS 5a LeadJez06/Jan/12Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
Winter Sun6a LeadIvan02/Jan/12The Cuttings
Time Out of Mind5a LeadIvan02/Jan/12The Cuttings
Future Imperfect6a+ **TR ???/2012Cheyne Wears Area
Tombstone3+ **LeadIvan???/2012Cheyne Wears Area
Stone Cold Fever6b+ ***AltLdIvan06/Nov/11Cheddar Gorge South
Lost in Time4c **SoloIvan and Lee02/Oct/11Seacombe
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