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NameStyleDate Crag name
Suspense2nd O/S05/Oct/14Lawrencefield
Snail CrackLead rpt05/Oct/14Lawrencefield
NovaLead O/S05/Oct/14Lawrencefield
Gargoyle ButtressLead rpt28/Sep/14Stanage Popular
AnatomyLead O/S28/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Beggar's CrackLead O/S28/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Tip Off2nd O/S28/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Tip Off Right2nd O/S28/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Mega-BitesLead RP13/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
Quality ControlLead rpt13/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
SubterfugeLead rpt13/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
Litany Against FearLead O/S08/Jul/14Horseshoe Quarry
SubterfugeLead rpt01/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
Mega-BitesLead dog01/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
Quality ControlLead rpt26/Jun/14Chee Dale Upper
SubterfugeLead rpt26/Jun/14Chee Dale Upper
Case AdjournedLead RP19/Jun/14Chee Dale Upper
SubterfugeLead rpt19/Jun/14Chee Dale Upper
Megalithic ManLead rpt17/Jun/14Horseshoe Quarry
StrapiombanteLead rpt05/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
Parallel PipedTR O/S05/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
StrapadictomyTR dog05/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
Moon WalkTR RP03/Jun/14Curbar Edge
Fab ArÍteSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Side Wall ArÍteSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Side Wall CrackSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Side Wall FlakeSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Side Wall SlotSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
DiagonalSent rpt01/Dec/13Curbar Edge
Flat Wall TraverseSent rpt30/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Get the HornSent rpt30/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Blocky RibSent x20/Oct/13Burbage Bridge
Short AreteSent rpt20/Oct/13Burbage Bridge
Bridge WallSent rpt20/Oct/13Burbage Bridge
Bridge AreteSent rpt20/Oct/13Burbage Bridge
The CobraSent rpt29/Sep/13Burbage South Valley Boulders
PockSent rpt29/Sep/13Burbage South Valley Boulders
PickSent rpt29/Sep/13Burbage South Valley Boulders
Sleasy JammingSolo rpt22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Easy JammingSolo rpt22/Sep/13Stanage Popular
Mega-BitesLead dog25/Jun/13Chee Dale Upper
SubterfugeLead rpt25/Jun/13Chee Dale Upper
UvavuSent O/S18/Jun/13Stanage High Neb
Crispy WallSent O/S18/Jun/13Stanage High Neb
RustySent18/Jun/13Stanage High Neb
Broad RibSent18/Jun/13Stanage High Neb
Side-pull SlabSent18/Jun/13Stanage High Neb
BGM's MantelSolo O/S18/Jun/13Stanage Plantation
Scoop de GrassSent x18/Jun/13Stanage Plantation
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