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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Dalle à Poly/Le Gruyère (Black 40b) f4+ Sent O/S ?/Nov L'Elephant
Laser f6C+ * Sent O/S ?/Oct Cuvier Rempart
Atmosphere f7A * Sent x ?/Oct Bas Cuvier
Beatle Juice f7A+ *** Sent x ?/Oct Franchard Cuisiniere
L'Etrave (Black 25) f6A *** Sent O/S ?/Oct Buthiers Piscine
Musclor (Black 19) f7A ** Sent O/S ?/Oct Buthiers Canard
The Jester f7A+ Sent x 29/Sep Roche Abbey
I'll Bet She Does E3 6a *** Sent β 27/Sep Simons Seat
Poverty Right-Hand f7B ** Sent 15/Aug Bowden Doors
Faith Right Hand f7A Sent 13/Jul Roche Abbey
The big dig f7A *** Sent 02/Jul Earth Quarry
The little dig f6C ** Sent 02/Jul Earth Quarry
Badger Arete (ss) f6C+ ** Sent 27/Jun Kentmere Boulders
Negative Reality Inversion (ss) f7A+ * Sent 27/Jun Kentmere Boulders
The Hole f5 * Sent 27/Jun Kentmere Boulders
Rachael's Box f7A+ Sent 18/Apr Brimham Rocks
Team Work f8A ** Sent ?/Apr Chironico
Doctor Med Dent f7B *** Sent ?/Apr Chironico
Karma Police f7A+ Sent ?/Apr Chironico
The Aviator f6C+ *** Sent ?/Apr Chironico
Area Serre Moi Fort: Selection Door f7A Sent β ?/Apr Chironico
Made in Norway f7B *** Sent ?/Apr Chironico
Auto Pilot f7B *** Sent ?/Apr Chironico
Area Les Doigts Verts: Lemon Tree f6C+ *** Sent β ?/Apr Chironico
Karjala f7A+ Sent 07/Mar Crookrise