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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Desire HS Lead 14/Jun/09 Craig Dinas
The Nurgler VS ** Lead 14/Jun/09 Craig Dinas
Gull's Nest Crack S 4a 2nd 14/Jun/09 Craig Dinas
Hat VD Lead 13/Jun/09 Holyhead Mountain
Mental Lentils HVS 5a * Lead 24/May/09 Vivian Quarry
Thyme 5b ** Lead 21/May/09 Iliada
Restaurant Acrogiali 6a+ ** Lead 21/May/09 Iliada
5 Star 6a * Lead 21/May/09 Iliada
Another Day in Paradise 6a *** Lead 21/May/09 Iliada
And Now for Something Completely Different 5c *** Lead 20/May/09 Arginonta
Adonibert 6a ** Lead 20/May/09 Arginonta
Loukoumades 5c *** Lead 20/May/09 Arginonta
Mike's Rescue 4c ** Lead 20/May/09 Arginonta
Alba 5c Lead 19/May/09 Arhi
Minotauro 5c * Lead 19/May/09 Arhi
Orione 6a ** Lead 19/May/09 Arhi
Centauro 5c ** Lead 19/May/09 Arhi
Teseo 5a * Lead 19/May/09 Arhi
Valery & Thomas 5c Lead 18/May/09 Symplegades
Skorpios 6a *** Lead 18/May/09 Symplegades
Anemodarmeni 5c ** Lead 18/May/09 Symplegades
Yahurti me Meli 4a * Lead 15/May/09 Kastelli
Aaolaa 5a * Lead 15/May/09 Kastelli
Scarabeus 5a * Lead 15/May/09 Kastelli
Gruselino 5c * Lead 15/May/09 Kastelli