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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Seventies Style WallV4 6a *Sent O/S19/Sep/11Millstone Edge
Little Lotto ArÍteV2 5c **Sent x19/Sep/11Millstone Edge
The Nosef6C **Sent x24/Aug/11Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Slotted WallV0+ 5a Sent rpt28/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Gripple NippleV1 5b Sent x28/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Gripple GraunchV3 6b Sent x28/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Snout GrooveV0- 4b Sent O/S28/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Snout WallV0 5b Sent O/S28/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Gripple NippleV1 5b Sent x25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Front FlakeV0 5a Sent O/S25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Staircase FlakeV1 5c Sent x25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Slotted AreteV0 5a Sent O/S25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Slotted WallV0+ 5a Sent x25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Pert Block AreteV0- 5a Sent O/S25/Mar/11Stanage Popular
Johnny's GrooveV4 Sent x17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Eggy ScoopsV0+ 5a Sent x17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Left Egg AreteV0- 4b Sent rpt17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Scoopf3+ Sent rpt17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Pink SlabV0- 4a Sent O/S17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Pink AreteV0- 4c Sent O/S17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Pink Slab RightV1 5c Sent O/S17/Oct/10Cratcliffe Tor
Side Wall SlotV2 6a *Sent x11/Oct/10Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallV2 5c **Sent rpt11/Oct/10Curbar Edge
Track CrackV0+ 5a *Sent x11/Oct/10Curbar Edge
The Arch Eliminatef5 *Sent O/S10/Oct/10Robin Hood's Stride
Joy of LedgeVB Sent x10/Oct/10Robin Hood's Stride
Burgess's VariationHVD **2nd O/S28/Sep/10Stanage Popular
Gargoyle ButtressVS 4b **2nd O/S28/Sep/10Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackS 4a ***2nd O/S28/Sep/10Stanage Popular
Mississippi CrackS 4a **2nd O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
StruggleVS 4c 2nd O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
DirectorVS 4c *2nd O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Toe NailD *Solo rpt12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Toe NailD *Lead O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
The CornerD Solo O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Central RouteS 4a *2nd O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Wall ClimbHVD *Lead O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
The StaircaseM *Solo O/S12/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Commander EnergyE2 5c ***2nd dog05/Aug/10Roaches Lower Tier
Classic AreteV0 5a **Sent x05/Aug/10Roaches Lower Tier
Calcutta Traversef6A+ *Sent x05/Aug/10Roaches Upper Tier
Three Pocket WallV2 5c **Sent x04/Aug/10Curbar Edge
Rubicon7a ***TR dnf04/Aug/10Water-cum-Jolly
Sharp Pocketsf5+ Sent x04/Aug/10Water-cum-Jolly
Toenail Pie Startf5 *Sent O/S04/Aug/10Water-cum-Jolly
Suicide WallHVS 5a ***2nd dnf03/Aug/10Cratcliffe Tor
Bower Route 1HS 4b *2nd β03/Aug/10Cratcliffe Tor
Cave CrawlS 5a Solo RP01/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Black BulgeV0+ 5b *Sent O/S31/May/10Stanage Plantation
Black WallV0- 4b Sent O/S31/May/10Stanage Plantation