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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hollybush CrackLead24/Apr/11Stanage Popular
Wedge GullySolo24/Apr/11Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressLead O/S24/Apr/11Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse LeftLead O/S21/Apr/11Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse Right (Blizzard Chimney)Lead O/S21/Apr/11Stanage Popular
AnatomyLead O/S21/Apr/11Stanage Popular
MineyLead O/S13/Mar/10Wilton 3
Rappel WallLead rpt13/Mar/10Wilton 3
Kukri CrackLead rpt05/Jul/09Wilton 2
Green SlabsLead O/S05/Jul/09Wilton 3
TraditionalLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
FootprintLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
The MedicineLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Chockstone Chimney2nd O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Central RouteLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Green CrackLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Green SlabLead O/S08/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Aged CrackLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
CentreLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Leg StumpLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Buttress Two GullySolo O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Rib and SlabSolo O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
High Buttress AreteLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Nose DirectLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
The Slant StartLead O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
The StaircaseSolo O/S04/Jun/09Windgather Rocks
The StaircaseSolo O/S02/Jun/09Cadshaw Rocks
Oak Tree ChimneyLead O/S02/Jun/09Cadshaw Rocks
Tyro's DelightLead O/S02/Jun/09Cadshaw Rocks
West WallTR O/S02/Jun/09Cadshaw Rocks
West RibLead O/S02/Jun/09Cadshaw Rocks
Rappel WallLead rpt01/Jun/09Wilton 3
Slime ChimneyLead rpt01/Jun/09Wilton 3
The GrooveLead rpt01/Jun/09Wilton 3
Oak Leaf CrackLead rpt01/Jun/09Wilton 3
Orange GrooveLead rpt01/Jun/09Wilton 3
SteptoeLead O/S10/Sep/08Burbage North
Monkey WallLead O/S10/Sep/08Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress AreteLead O/S10/Sep/08Burbage North
Wedge GullyLead O/S10/Sep/08Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackLead O/S10/Sep/08Stanage Popular
Pedestal ChimneyLead O/S10/Sep/08Stanage Popular
Rappel WallLead rpt21/Jun/08Wilton 3
MeenySolo rpt21/Jun/08Wilton 3
JetsamLead rpt04/Jun/08Woodhouse Scar
Beginner's CrackSolo rpt04/Jun/08Woodhouse Scar
JetsamLead rpt07/May/07Woodhouse Scar
Black WallLead O/S07/May/07Woodhouse Scar
Dusty AreteLead O/S06/May/07Running Hill Pits