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NameStyleDate Crag name
DogfishSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Calcarb AreteSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Red MistSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Triple WallSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Twin CracksSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Black's RouteSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Grooves EliminateSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
FreebirdSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Yellow EdgeSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
The PlumbSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Inverted StairwaySolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
JudithSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Benghazi GrooveSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Sabre ToothSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Ivy LeagueSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Space WalkSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
BrainwasherSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
BrainchildSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Seventh HeavenSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Whippet WallSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Lictor Left-handSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Lictor Right-handSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
FascesSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
DeceptionSolo02/Jul/14Warton Upper Crag
Free StileSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
JaywalkSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Beacon LighterSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Stile Ted GrooveSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
SimianSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Stile-ish AreteSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Which WaySolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
MingSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
WedgewoodSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
The Vine LineSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
The Big PlumSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Lone Tree VariationSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
Lone Tree GrooveSolo30/Jun/14Warton Pinnacle Crag
LeviathanLead25/Jun/14The Dewerstone
Central GrooveAltLd25/Jun/14The Dewerstone
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress Direct2nd11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Hargreaves' Original RouteLead11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Christmas Crack2nd11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress DirectLead11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Crack2nd11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Castle CrackLead11/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Broken Toe GrooveAltLd10/Apr/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Jackdaw GroovesAltLd10/Apr/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Cats EyeAltLd10/Apr/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Central Groove2nd23/Sep/13Twilight Zone
The Pancake2nd23/Sep/13Twilight Zone
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