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NameStyleDate Crag name
Greengrocer WallSolo O/S12/Oct/14Stanage Popular
ZorroSent O/S11/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Great Central RouteLead O/S05/Oct/14Chee Dale Lower
BillingsgateLead07/Sep/14Millstone Edge
Embankment 4Lead O/S07/Sep/14Millstone Edge
Regent StreetLead dog07/Sep/14Millstone Edge
Quien Sabe?Lead01/Aug/14Bamford Edge
ManiLead O/S29/Jun/14Stoney Middleton
Young AmericanSent29/Jun/14Stoney Middleton
Marble AreteLead O/S28/Jun/14Stanage North
Right-hand TowerLead O/S28/Jun/14Stanage North
Dunkley's EliminateLead O/S08/Jun/14Burbage South Quarries
The DrainpipeLead O/S08/Jun/14Burbage South Edge
The StaircaseSolo O/S08/Jun/14Burbage South Edge
Green GutLead05/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
Gashed CragLead O/S03/May/14Tryfan (East Face)
Little Tryfan AreteSolo O/S02/May/14Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
The Hanging RibSent02/Feb/14Burbage North
Ash Tree VariationsSolo O/S02/Feb/14Burbage North
Amazon CrackLead O/S02/Feb/14Burbage North
Cloud Cuckoo LandSent11/Jan/14Curbar Edge
Crunchy Nuts/DebSolo O/S28/Dec/13Bamford Edge
Golden ArÍteSent30/Nov/13Over Owler Tor
Topless CrackSent30/Nov/13Secret Garden
Beach BallSent30/Nov/13Secret Garden
Yosemite WallLead O/S23/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress GullyLead O/S23/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Townsend's VariationSolo O/S23/Nov/13Stanage Popular
Zippy's TraverseSent10/Nov/13Stanage Plantation
Tower Face DirectLead10/Nov/13Stanage Plantation
Curving ButtressSolo O/S10/Nov/13Stanage Plantation
RiblessSolo O/S04/Sep/13Baslow Edge
The Rib DirectSolo O/S04/Sep/13Baslow Edge
Atherton BrothersSolo O/S13/Jul/13Shining Clough Rocks
Via PrincipiaSolo O/S13/Jul/13Shining Clough Rocks
Pisa Super DirectLead O/S13/Jul/13Shining Clough Rocks
Another TurnSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
The PinionSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
The ArielSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
The Green StreakSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
The TempestSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
Prospero's climb - Tempest finishSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
The Crab CrawlSolo O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
IncursionLead O/S10/Jul/13Stanage North
Crab Crawl AreteSolo10/Jul/13Stanage North
Victory CrackSolo O/S06/Jul/13Birchen Edge
Emma's DilemmaSolo O/S06/Jul/13Birchen Edge
Captain's CrawlSolo O/S06/Jul/13Birchen Edge
Half NelsonSolo O/S06/Jul/13Birchen Edge
Sail ButtressSolo O/S06/Jul/13Birchen Edge