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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Slab CrackD -Alex Cranke05/Feb/11Berryhill
Reivers WayD *-Alex Cranke05/Feb/11Berryhill
Kinmont WillieVD *-Alex Cranke05/Feb/11Berryhill
CheatVD -Alex Cranke05/Feb/11Berryhill
Le P'tit Toit / Le Tourniquet, White 8b (95.2)f6B+ *Sent x ??/Apr/1095.2
Arachnée (Red 14)f6B ***Sent x ??/Apr/10Gorge aux chats
Yellow 1 Le Cubef3 Sent O/S ??/Apr/10Rocher Fin
Once Pegged Wall (Direct Finish)HVS 5b Lead O/SFred Wobus14/Mar/10Lawrencefield
NovaHS 4b *Lead O/SVicky Barclay, Kim Schenke14/Mar/10Lawrencefield
Ash Tree WallHVD **Lead rpt 13/Mar/10Burbage North
MarionHS 4b *Lead O/SPatrick Hillier06/Feb/10Baggy Point
In Marion's EyesVS 5a Lead O/SPatrick Hillier06/Feb/10Baggy Point
L'Ectoplasme, Blue 34 (95.2)f4+ **- ???/201095.2
Play CrackD - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Workers WallHS 4a - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Crack & ChimneyS *- ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Slanting CrackS *- ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Mushroom WallVS 4c **- ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Omega CrackVD - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
BurdockHS 4a - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Overhang CrackS 4a - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
DandelionS 4a - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
Barking CrackVD - ???/2008Sheeps Tor
WindowsillHS 4a ***AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Agag's DirectS 4a AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Agag's SlabD AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ButtressVD AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Mucky GullyD AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Colonel's AreteVD ***AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Route BHVD *AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Needle AreteVD ***AltLd ???/2007The Dewerstone
Ash WallS 4a **Lead O/SConor McNally???/2006Ben An
The First ThirtyD Lead O/SConor McNally???/2006Ben An
The Last EightyS 4a ***Lead O/SConor McNally???/2006Ben An
Hawthorn RibD Lead O/SConor McNally???/2006Ben An
Jughandle WallD Lead O/SConor McNally???/2006Ben An
WhittVS 4c ***AltLd O/SJustin Fozard???/2005Symonds Yat
KinkybootsVS 4c **2nd O/S ???/2000Baggy Point
Great SlabVS 4c ***AltLd O/S ???/2000Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy)
LacelineE1 5b Lead O/SJim Bowden???/1999Mytholm Steep quarry
Mike's MeanderE2 6a **Lead O/SJustin Fozard???/1999Ogden Clough
Robertson'sVD Lead O/SJustin Fozard???/1999Ogden Clough
ScarE2 5c ***Lead O/S ???/1999Baildon Bank
Pearly GatesS 4a 2nd ???/1999Baildon Bank
Whillan's AreteVS 4c **2nd ???/1999Baildon Bank
Pea PodS 4a Lead ???/1999Baildon Bank
Curving CrackVS 4c *Lead O/SJim Bowden???/1999Heptonstall
Pulpit RouteHVS 5a **Lead O/SJim Bowden???/1999Heptonstall
Fairy StepsHS 4b **Lead O/S ???/1999Heptonstall
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