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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Chockstone Wall DirectE1 5c Sent O/S30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Bluster Arse VesselE2 6b *Sent x30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Autumn GoldVS *Sent O/S30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Auternative AreteVS **Sent O/S30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Moon MadnessE1 / f6b+ **Sent x30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Walters RibE2 5c ***Sent O/S30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
In MemoriamE5 6a **Sent x30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
A Company of WolvesE6 6b ***Sent dnf30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Around the Cornerf5+ Sent x30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
The Flakesf6A **Sent x30/Aug/15Great Wolfrey
Ron's Traversef7A *Sent dnf26/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Old SpiceE2 5b *Solo O/S26/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Lost BootsVS 4c *Sent O/S26/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
PatienceHVS 5b *Sent O/S26/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Gnomef6B+ *Sent O/S26/Aug/15Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
One Step in the CloudsVS 4c ***2nd dnf23/Aug/15Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Snakes And Ladders (and Tunnels)HVS -22/Aug/15California
Some DaysE1 5b *Sent β16/Aug/15Sypeland
Just Pad DadS -16/Aug/15Sypeland
Sweat It Outf5 Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
Hot And Anxiousf4+ **Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
A Campanologists Talef5 Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
A Little TroubleE2 6a Sent16/Aug/15Sypeland
Striding EdgeE1 5b ***Sent rpt16/Aug/15Sypeland
Flying ColoursHVS 5b Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
Under the AwningE3 6a *Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
No LoiteringE2 5c *Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
The Jumpf2 Sent O/S16/Aug/15Sypeland
Fine Artf7A+ *Sent x08/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Berettaf7A+ Sent x08/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Comply or Dief7A+ *Sent x07/Aug/15Eldwick crag
Crescent Routef3+ Sent O/S07/Aug/15Eldwick crag
Beagle Flakef3+ Sent O/S07/Aug/15Eldwick crag
Pile of Teacakesf6C+ *Sent x07/Aug/15Eldwick crag
Coltf7A+ *Sent x02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Beta Blockerf7A *Sent x02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
The Tufaf6B+ Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
The Wavef5+ ***Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
The Wave Directf6B Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Left Wallf5 Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Centre Wallf5 Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Ebola Buttress Right Wallf5 Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
The Undercutf6B Sent β02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Blind Batf7A+ Sent x02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Last Standf7A *Sent x02/Aug/15Anston Stones Wood
Problem 65 - Pit Viperf6B Sent x27/Jul/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 5 - Old Lacef6C Sent β27/Jul/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 8 - Upside Down Aretef6B+ *Sent β27/Jul/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 10 - The Left Crackf3 Sent O/S27/Jul/15Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 15 - Silent Runningf6A+ **Sent O/S27/Jul/15Holmfirth Cliff