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NameStyleDate Crag name
RaieuLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Le Spalle di Bat + Senza DindaLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Legati per la VitaLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
A KaneLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Foca RidensLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Mmmangold!Lead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Vuoto a PerdereLead18/Dec/14Valle Aquila
CamurriaLead17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Il Buco NeroLead17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Al di l del MareLead17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
FessurinaLead17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
SuperfessurinaLead17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
False PromesseLead RP17/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Pronto, MargheLead β16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
Belin DoubleLead O/S16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
WaterfallLead β16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
Baci da RioLead16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
CoconutLead O/S16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
ZambarinikLead16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
Zambarinik ExtensionLead16/Dec/14Monte Cucco
GraziaLead14/Dec/14Valle Aquila
FragileLead14/Dec/14Valle Aquila
C'est la OuateLead14/Dec/14Valle Aquila
Il Silenzio d'OroLead12/Dec/14Rian Cornei
SiddhartaLead12/Dec/14Rian Cornei
AvariaLead12/Dec/14Rian Cornei
Riti Magici al TramontoLead12/Dec/14Rian Cornei
Colite & Gaz-TriteLead11/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Game OverLead11/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Free Nelson MandelaLead11/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Free - Tto MistoLead11/Dec/14Rocca Carpanea
Sotto l'EderaLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
FacoceroLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
ChatanoogaLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
Weisser ElefantLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
GekkoLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
Change the WorldLead10/Dec/14Boragni e Val di Nava
Te Gusta l'AragostaLead08/Dec/14Rian Cornei
L'avvocatoLead08/Dec/14Rian Cornei
Golden LadyLead08/Dec/14Rian Cornei
AlicanteLead08/Dec/14Rian Cornei
Open Your MindLead07/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
PeaceLead07/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
WarLead07/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
Rombo di VentoLead07/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
Angoscia di VellutoLead05/Dec/14Monte Cucco
Ultima ViaLead05/Dec/14Monte Cucco
Due Dita di ViolenzaLead04/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
Bei TempiLead04/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
Il PescecaneLead04/Dec/14Valle Sciusa e Valle Ponci
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