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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Swirral EdgeI **Solo08/Feb/15Helvellyn - Red Tarn Cove
Striding EdgeI **Solo08/Feb/15Helvellyn - Red Tarn Cove
Arrowhead Ridge DirectVD ***2nd25/Aug/13The Napes
Cairn ScoopVD 2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
Flake CornerVS 4c *2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
Cairn WallMS *2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
'A' Buttress DirectVD **2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
Zig Zag RouteD 2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
'A' Buttress, Right HandS 4a *2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
Innominate CrackVD **2nd27/Jul/13Simonside North Face
Ant's AreteHS 4a *TR30/Jun/13Yarncliffe Quarry
LatecomerHS 4b *TR30/Jun/13Yarncliffe Quarry
Cardinal's CrackVS 4b *TR30/Jun/13Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's CrackS 4a *TR30/Jun/13Yarncliffe Quarry
It's a CrackerS 4b *2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
GunterVS 4c 2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
Point Five CrackVS 5a 2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
Icy CrackVS 4c *2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
TyphoonVS 4c **2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
Tango ButtressHS 5a **2nd29/Jun/13Stanage North
Swirral Edge (WINTER)I **Solo05/Dec/12Swirral Edge
Striding Edge (WINTER)I ***Solo05/Dec/12Striding Edge
Castle CrackVD ***2nd23/Aug/12Bowden Doors
Black and TanS 4b **-23/Aug/12Bowden Doors
Flake CrackS 4b 2nd23/Aug/12Bowden Doors
Russet GrooveVD ***2nd23/Aug/12Bowden Doors
Original RouteS 2nd11/Aug/12Crag Lough
Pinnacle FaceVS 4c ***TR11/Aug/12Crag Lough
Pinnacle CrackD Lead11/Aug/12Crag Lough
Route TwoVD Lead11/Aug/12Crag Lough
The Traditional ClimbVS 4c **2nd01/Jul/12Almscliff
Bird's Nest CrackHS 4b **2nd01/Jul/12Almscliff
Flake CrackS 4b 2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
Black and TanS 4b **2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
Grovel GrooveMS *2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
Exhibition CrackHS 4c *2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
The ScoopVS ***2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
Main Wall EliminateHVS 5b 2nd04/Jun/12Bowden Doors
YouthVD 2nd05/May/12Stanage North
Straight CrackHS 4b *2nd05/May/12Stanage North
Twisting CrackS 4a ***2nd05/May/12Stanage North
Inaccessible Crack DirectVS 4c **2nd05/May/12Stanage North
Eric's EliminateS 4a **2nd05/May/12Stanage North