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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Mystery TV5.11a ***Lead RP11/Aug/13Foundation Wall
Giddy Up5.10c Lead dog11/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Who's the Bosch?5.11b **Lead RP11/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Shaggy5.9 Lead rpt11/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Bullet The Blue Car5.10d ***Lead rpt11/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
The Mutation5.11c Lead dnf10/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Cupola Rebuff5.11b *Lead RP10/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Savage Beagle5.10a *Lead O/S10/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Dark Don't Lie5.11a **Lead O/S10/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Heavy Petting Action5.10b Lead rpt06/Aug/13Murrin Park
A Cougar One-Bite Brownie5.10b *Lead rpt06/Aug/13Murrin Park
Underwire5.11a **Lead O/S06/Aug/13Murrin Park
No Name Road5.11b ***Lead dog06/Aug/13Murrin Park
Filth Infatuated5.11c **Lead dnf02/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Bullet The Blue Car5.10d ***Lead RP02/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Bullet The Blue Car5.10d ***Lead dog02/Aug/13Cheakamus Canyon
Birds of Prey5.10b ***AltLd O/S29/Jul/13Slhanay (The Squaw)
Claim Jumper5.12a ***TR dog28/Jul/13Murrin Park
Short Sentry5.10a *Lead O/S28/Jul/13Murrin Park
Perspective5.11a ***Lead dnf28/Jul/13Murrin Park
Rug Munchers5.11d ***Lead dnf30/Jun/13Cheakamus Canyon
Creepy Crawlers5.11a **Lead RP30/Jun/13Cheakamus Canyon
Jungle Warfare5.10a AltLd dog30/Jun/13Slhanay (The Squaw)
Neomaxizoomdweebie5.11b *Lead RP09/Jun/13Cat Lake
So Gently We Go5.11d **TR dog09/Jun/13Cat Lake
Bonasa Umbellus5.11c *TR dog09/Jun/13Cat Lake
Mrs Negative5.12a Lead dnf01/Jun/13Cheakamus Canyon
The Mutation5.11c Lead dnf01/Jun/13Cheakamus Canyon
Skullduggery5.10a *TR dog26/May/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Split Beaver5.10b ***TR dog26/May/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Orifice Fish5.9 **Lead O/S26/May/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Talking Holds5.10a **Lead dog20/May/13Little Smoke Bluffs
Boomstick Crack5.7 **2nd rpt20/May/13Squamish Chief
Diedre5.8 ***AltLd rpt20/May/13Squamish Chief
Rock On5.10b ***AltLd dnf19/May/13Squamish Chief
Cheese GraterV1 *Sent O/S17/May/13Grand Wall Boulders
Summer VacationV0 ***Sent O/S17/May/13Grand Wall Boulders
St Vitus Dance5.9 ***AltLd rpt16/May/13Squamish Chief
Life in the Slow Lane5.10b ***Lead O/S12/May/13Skaha
Snarling at the Greeter5.10b ***Lead O/S12/May/13Skaha
Bottom Line5.11a ***Lead O/S12/May/13Skaha
Stumped5.11c Lead dog11/May/13Skaha
'Spro Dog5.10b **Lead dog11/May/13Skaha
Frozen Knuckles5.11a *Lead O/S11/May/13Skaha
Blue Bull5.10b *Lead O/S11/May/13Skaha
Black Acid5.10a **Lead O/S11/May/13Skaha
A Cougar One-Bite Brownie5.10b *Lead O/S09/May/13Murrin Park
Pleasant Pheasant5.11a ***Lead O/S09/May/13Murrin Park
Heavy Petting Action5.10b Lead O/S09/May/13Murrin Park
Original Thin5.10c **Lead O/S06/May/13Murrin Park