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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Portlethen Terrier 7c+ ** Lead rpt 13/Jun/12 Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
Stray Dogs 8a * Lead RP 13/Jun/12 Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
Remember to Roll 8b *** Lead RP 03/Jun/12 Creag nan Luch
Im a Tit, I love Flying 7b+ *** Lead O/S 01/Jun/12 Creag nan Luch
Supercool 8a+ *** Lead RP 13/May/12 Gordale Scar
Raindogs 8a *** Lead RP 11/May/12 Malham Cove
Stalks 8a+ *** Lead RP 22/Apr/12 Creag nan Luch
Bang Tidy 8b *** Lead RP 16/Apr/12 Orchestra Cave
Fun Prow 8a ** Lead RP 25/Mar/12 Goat Crag
Hydrotherapy 6c+ *** Lead O/S 25/Mar/12 Goat Crag
Snow Flake 7a+ *** Lead O/S 23/Mar/12 Goat Crag
Bassoon 7a+ *** Lead O/S 17/Mar/12 Orchestra Cave
Air on a G String extension. 8a *** Lead RP 17/Mar/12 Orchestra Cave
Crescendo 8a+ *** Lead RP 11/Mar/12 Orchestra Cave
Ultima Necat 7b+ ** Lead 26/Feb/12 Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Marlina 7c *** Lead rpt 26/Feb/12 Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Silk Teddies 7c * Lead rpt 26/Feb/12 Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Hamish Teddy's Excellent Adventure 7b+ ** Lead rpt 26/Feb/12 Dunkeld, Cave Crag
The Silk Purse 7c+ *** Lead rpt 26/Feb/12 Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Welcome to the Terror Dome E8 6c *** Lead RP ?/Sep/11 Lochan Dubh Crag
Tragically Hip 6c+ ** Lead O/S 27/Aug/11 Dumbuck
Gentle Mass Touching 7c+ * Lead 27/Aug/11 Dumbuck
Parallel 7c Lead 27/Aug/11 Dumbuck
Flesh for Fantasy 7c+ *** Lead 27/Aug/11 Dumbuck
Awaken 7c+ *** Lead RP 27/Aug/11 Dumbuck