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Logbook for Mike Hall

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Symphony CrackD ***LeadSimon30/Jul/13Rhoscolyn
Telemaco5c **-Alexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Eurycleia5a *-Alexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Laertes5c ***-Alexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Nessuno5c *-Alexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Eumeo4a *LeadAlexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Argo4c *LeadAlexandra04/Jun/13Odyssey
Optasia5a **-Lucas27/May/13Arhi
Arianna5a ***-Lucas27/May/13Arhi
Arhaggelos5a *-Lucas27/May/13Arhi
Caronte4c *-Lucas27/May/13Arhi
Aristos5a *-Lucas27/May/13Arhi
Pinipon4c *LeadLucas27/May/13Arhi
Oak Tree ChimneyVD *-Phil B, Liz20/Apr/13Cadshaw Rocks
Central CrackVD *-Phil B, Liz20/Apr/13Cadshaw Rocks
Column ClimbD LeadPhil B, Liz20/Apr/13Cadshaw Rocks
Buttress Two GullyM -Simon, Phil B, Liz07/Apr/13Windgather Rocks
Broken GrooveD *-Simon, Phil B, Liz07/Apr/13Windgather Rocks
First's AreteVD *-Simon, Phil B, Liz07/Apr/13Windgather Rocks
The CornerD LeadSimon, Phil B, Liz07/Apr/13Windgather Rocks
Sage5a **-Nick B15/Oct/11Iliada
Thyme5a *-Nick B15/Oct/11Iliada
Caper4a *LeadNick B15/Oct/11Iliada
Kiriaki5a *-Nick B14/Oct/11Irox
Niki5a **-Nick B14/Oct/11Irox
Evoula4c *LeadNick B14/Oct/11Irox
Scarabeus5b *-Nick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Aaolaa5a *-Nick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Sisyphus5a **-Nick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Capt Adonis5a **-Nick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Ligo Akoma4a -Nick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Mathilde4a *LeadNick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Bricounet4c *LeadNick B13/Oct/11Kastelli
Dulces Sueños5c **-Nick B12/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Strange Little Girl5a **-Nick B12/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Megaburger5a -Nick B12/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Organizer4a *-Nick B12/Oct/11The Spartan Walls
Energy 4th May 20004c **-Nick B12/Oct/11Afternoon
No-fly Zone5a -Nick B11/Oct/11North Cape
Askisi4c *-Nick B10/Oct/11School
Falco Tinnunculus5a *-Nick B10/Oct/11School
Mantis Religiosa5a *-Nick B10/Oct/11School
CapricornHS 4b *-Simon, Phil B, Liz09/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
GeminiVD *-Simon, Phil B, Liz09/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
Cormorant FrontVD LeadSimon, Phil B, Liz09/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
Slab RecessS 4a -Simon, Phil B, Liz08/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
The CrackVD *-Simon, Phil B, Liz08/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Rising DampD -Simon, Phil B, Liz08/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Crack And WallS 4a -Simon H, Phil B02/May/11Cadshaw Rocks
Overhang CrackVD *-Simon H, Phil B02/May/11Cadshaw Rocks
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