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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Drag Queen 8a ** Lead β 15/May Kilnsey
The Doom Gaze f7C Sent x 11/May Fairy Steps
The Bogle Realm f7A+ * Sent x 05/May Fairy Steps
The Cappel f7B+ *** Sent x 25/Apr Fairy Steps
Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer 7b+ Lead β 23/Apr Giggleswick South
Militia 8a+ ** Lead RP 23/Apr Giggleswick South
Straightened 8a ** Lead RP 28/Mar Malham Cove
Groovy Baby 8a ** Lead RP 20/Mar Malham Cove
The Groove 8a+ *** Lead RP 20/Mar Malham Cove
Conflicto territorial 7a+ ** Lead O/S 15/Mar Chulilla
Dale duro negro 7a+ *** Lead O/S 15/Mar Chulilla
Cantalobos 7b *** Lead O/S 15/Mar Chulilla
La quebranta 7c+ Lead RP 15/Mar Chulilla
Entre dos caminos 8a Lead RP 15/Mar Chulilla
Cap I Cua (P1) 7a+ Lead O/S 13/Mar Chulilla
Rock Punk 7b+ ** Lead O/S 13/Mar Chulilla
Moon Safari 7c+ *** Lead O/S 13/Mar Chulilla
Tequila Sunrise 8a *** Lead O/S 13/Mar Chulilla
Crisis Parcial (L1) 7c ** Lead O/S 12/Mar Chulilla
Camino de Leche 7a+ Lead O/S 12/Mar Chulilla
La eternal juventud 8a+ Lead RP 12/Mar Chulilla
El Bufa 8a *** Lead RP 11/Mar Chulilla
Los Veteranos (P1) 8a ** Lead O/S 11/Mar Chulilla
El viaje en Cuba 6c+ Lead O/S 11/Mar Chulilla
Las caquitas de Nazarten 7b *** Lead O/S 11/Mar Chulilla