1,250 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Impropa Opera (ss)f8A **Sent x21/May/15The Bowderstone
Pantomime7b+ **Lead O/S17/May/15Kilnsey
The Karma of Trees (stand up)f7C **Sent x08/Apr/15Kentmere Boulders
Empire of the Sun7b ***Lead β03/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
Picnic Sarcastic LH (ss)f7C *Sent x15/Mar/15The Bowderstone
The High RoadV7 Sent x27/Feb/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Monkey WrenchV7 Sent x27/Feb/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Center LeftV6 Sent x27/Feb/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Spring LoadedV8 Sent x27/Feb/15Calico Basin, Red Springs
Scare Tactics RightV9 Sent x27/Feb/15Kraft Boulders
Big KV8 **Sent x26/Feb/15Kraft Boulders
The PearlV5 ***Sent β26/Feb/15Kraft Boulders
Stake Your ClaimV10 **Sent x26/Feb/15Kraft Boulders
Americana exoticaV9 **Sent x26/Feb/15Kraft Boulders
RipploidV6 **Sent x24/Feb/15Moe's Valley
Show Of HandsV11 ***Sent x24/Feb/15Moe's Valley
Loose CannonV9 ***Sent x24/Feb/15Moe's Valley
UnderwhelmedV6 ***Sent β24/Feb/15Moe's Valley
Mr. DuckV7 **Sent β23/Feb/15Joes Valley
Man From The PastV11 ***Sent x23/Feb/15Joes Valley
Shadow Of DeathV6 **Sent x23/Feb/15Joes Valley
Tubesnake BoogyV9 *Sent x23/Feb/15Joes Valley
MonarchV11 ***Sent x21/Feb/15Joes Valley
Beat Me Off ScottieV10 ***Sent x21/Feb/15Joes Valley
Water PaintingsV7 ***Sent x21/Feb/15Joes Valley
Smokin JoeV9 **Sent x19/Feb/15Joes Valley
Coal MindV9 ***Sent x19/Feb/15Joes Valley
Non-Fat MilkV7 **Sent β19/Feb/15Joes Valley
Reduced Fat MilkV8 *Sent β19/Feb/15Joes Valley
Taking the StairsV9 ***Sent x19/Feb/15Joes Valley
Dunkin DonutsV6 *Sent β19/Feb/15Joes Valley
RaidenV6 ***Sent β19/Feb/15Joes Valley
VortexV7 **Sent x18/Feb/15Joes Valley
Cook the PattyV6 ***Sent β18/Feb/15Joes Valley
Stir the PieV8 **Sent β18/Feb/15Joes Valley
Jitterbug PerfumeV10 ***Sent β17/Feb/15Joes Valley
Ghost KingV11 ***Sent x17/Feb/15Joes Valley
Bring the Heat WallV8 **Sent β15/Feb/15Joes Valley
Death ScreamV10 **Sent x15/Feb/15Joes Valley
HootersV9 ***Sent x15/Feb/15Joes Valley
Kill by NumbersV5 ***Sent β15/Feb/15Joes Valley
Beyond LifeV10 ***Sent x15/Feb/15Joes Valley
Two Finger VariationV9 ***Sent x14/Feb/15Joes Valley
TangV5 ***Sent β14/Feb/15Joes Valley
Resident EvilV10 **Sent x14/Feb/15Joes Valley
Big BoyV8 *Sent x14/Feb/15Joes Valley
Big JoeV7 **Sent x12/Feb/15Joes Valley
Worse Case ScenarioV9 ***Sent x12/Feb/15Joes Valley
Playmate of the YearV9 ***Sent x12/Feb/15Joes Valley
Resident Evil (stand start)V8 **Sent x11/Feb/15Joes Valley