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Logbook for Pete Scott

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
DexterS 4a 2ndJimbo20/Sep/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
The AreteD 4a *2ndJimbo20/Sep/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Bob's ClimbVD *2ndJimbo20/Sep/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Direct RouteS 4a 2ndJimbo20/Sep/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Greg's Dyno Secteur P99V1 5c **Sent 14/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno P102V3 6a Sent 14/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Greg's Dyno Secteur P103V2 6a Sent 14/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
GoblinVS 4c Lead O/S 14/Sep/14The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ChimneyVD 3c 2nd 14/Sep/14The Dewerstone
Twin Cracks P45V0+ 5b Sent 13/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Rippled Wall P63V2 5c Sent 13/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
PaddyM Lead O/S 07/Sep/14Hound Tor
The Long Traverse4c S1 **Solo 06/Sep/14Sanctuary Wall
Arapiles, Oh Arapiles (DWS)7a+ ***Solo 06/Sep/14Long Quarry Point
Mother's Milk6a **- 03/Sep/14Blacknor North
Birthday Girl5c *Lead β 03/Sep/14Blacknor Central
Chalkie and the Hex 55c **Lead O/S 02/Sep/14The Cuttings
Flashheart Direct6b Lead RP 23/Aug/14Winspit
Birthday Treat5c Lead O/S 23/Aug/14Winspit
Imbolc7b+ *Lead RPJonathan Emett21/Aug/14Blacknor Central
Williams' ChimneyHVS 5a *2ndBen Buckland16/Aug/14Trewavas Head Main Cliff
MascaraVS 4c 2ndBen Buckland16/Aug/14Trewavas Head Main Cliff
JoyS 4a Lead O/SBen Buckland16/Aug/14Trewavas Head Main Cliff
B4 Destruction6c *Lead RPJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Borra Ring5c *Lead O/SJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Carol's Little Injection6a Lead O/SJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Daylight Robbery6c *Lead RPJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Rambling Moses Weetabix and the Secona Park Seven6b+ **Lead O/SJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Born Again6b+ **Lead O/SJonathan Emett07/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
The Laws TraverseE1 6a **SoloBen Buckland03/Aug/14Lulworth
Transparent Birthday Suit5c Lead O/SBen Buckland02/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
The War of the Wardens5c Lead O/SBen Buckland02/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Cold Steal6b Lead O/SBen Buckland02/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
John Craven's Willy Warmer5c *Lead O/SBen Buckland02/Aug/14Dancing Ledge
Pregnant Pause6a+ ***Lead O/SJohn kay21/Jul/14Blacknor Central
The Wrecked Finger6b Lead O/SJohn kay21/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Talk6a+ **Lead O/SJohn kay21/Jul/14Blacknor South
Love in the Mist6a *Lead O/SJohn kay21/Jul/14Blacknor South
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation6b+ ***Lead O/SJohn kay02/Jul/14Blacknor Central
Superfly Guy7a ***Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Coastguard North
The Man Who Never Found Himself6a+ **Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Coastguard North
We are Stardust4a Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Wallsend South
Stagedivin'7a+ *Solo O/STom Syrett, Ben Buckland21/Jun/14Lulworth
The MaypoleHVS 5a **Solo O/STom Syrett, Ben Buckland21/Jun/14Lulworth
Truth, Justice and the Raggamuffin WayE2 5c *SoloTom Syrett, Ben Buckland21/Jun/14Lulworth
Ancient Order of Freemarblers7a *Lead O/STom Syrett14/Jun/14Winspit
Through the Barricades7a+ **Lead RP 13/Jun/14Blacknor Central
Reptile Smile6a+ ***LeadBen Buckland10/Jun/14Blacknor North
Slings Shot5a ***LeadBen Buckland10/Jun/14Blacknor North
Cake Walk6a *LeadBen Buckland10/Jun/14Blacknor North
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