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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
La Claque (Red 26)f5 Solo O/S06/Oct/15Apremont
Blue 29f3+ Solo O/S05/Oct/15Gorge aux chats
Gigi (Red 19)f6B Solo O/S05/Oct/15Gorge aux chats
Blue 56f4 Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
Blue 57f4+ Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
La Charleuse (Green 26)f6A Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
La Moreau (Black 23)f6A Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
Traversée du Vieux (Blue 2)f4+ Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
La Voie du Cornac (Blue 1)f4 Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
Blue 24f3 Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
Dalle des Mouches (Blue 25)f3+ Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
L'U.S.I. gauche (Blue 26)f4+ Solo O/S04/Oct/15L'Elephant
Great Buttress AreteE1 5b ***2nd rpt26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
Just A MinuteE1 5b *Lead O/S26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
TrapeziumE1 5c Lead rpt26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
North Side RouteHVS 5a Lead O/S26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
Pete's SakeHVS 5b *2nd rpt26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
RenrockE1 5a *TR O/S26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
Photo FinishE1 5b *Lead O/S26/Sep/15Wharncliffe Crags
Mississippi Variant DirectE1 5b **Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Exit Stage LeftE1 5b *Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Agony CrackHVS 5a **Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
ThrombosisVS 4c *2nd O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
PaucityHVS 5b **Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Robin Hood Cave Innominate/Harding's FinishHVS 5a ***2nd13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
The LinkE1 5b ***2nd rpt13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
Finger Licking GoodHVS 5a *Lead O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
The LeveeHVS 5b *2nd O/S13/Sep/15Stanage Popular
CentE1 5b 2nd O/S06/Sep/15Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***2nd rpt06/Sep/15Stanage North
Jeepers CreepersHVS 5b **Lead O/S06/Sep/15Stanage North
TravestiesHVS 5b **Lead O/S06/Sep/15Stanage North
The KnutterHVS 5b **Lead O/S06/Sep/15Stanage North
Kelly's OverhangHVS 5b ***Lead O/S06/Sep/15Stanage North
Minion's WayHVS 5b ***Lead O/S05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Left WallE5 6a **TR05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Right-Hand CrackVS 4b ***2nd rpt05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Lancet CrackVS 5a **2nd rpt05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Birch Tree WallVS 4c ***2nd rpt05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
White Rose FlakeVS 5a *Lead O/S05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Love BugE1 5b *Lead O/S05/Sep/15Brimham Rocks
Frankie Comes To RylstoneE1 5b *2nd O/S30/Aug/15Rylstone
G.T.X.HVS 5a **2nd O/S30/Aug/15Rylstone
LoinerVS 4c Lead O/S30/Aug/15Rylstone
ExtractionHVS 5b **Lead O/S30/Aug/15Rylstone
The Hot lineE1 5b **Lead O/S30/Aug/15Rylstone
Clocking Off6b **Lead O/S23/Aug/15Stoney Bank
Mutton Jeff5c *Lead O/S23/Aug/15Stoney Bank
Lamb Chops5a *Lead O/S23/Aug/15Stoney Bank
Meaty Options (Left)6b *Lead O/S23/Aug/15Stoney Bank