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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Thorn Bird25 *Lead O/S17/May/15Britten Crag
The Big Lebowski20 *Lead O/S17/May/15Britten Crag
The Zimmerframe Owner Strikes Back28 *Lead dog17/May/15Britten Crag
Disco Logic23 **Lead O/S17/May/15Britten Crag
Speight's Race22 **Lead O/S10/May/15Britten Crag
Cat's Cradle21 *Lead O/S10/May/15Britten Crag
Hushpuppy Hitched26 **Lead dog10/May/15Britten Crag
The Mount Pleasant Butcher25 **Lead O/S10/May/15Britten Crag
Where Angels Fear to Tread24 **Lead O/S10/May/15Britten Crag
Tall Order18 AltLd O/S19/Apr/15Mt. Somers
Orange Roughy16 *2nd O/S18/Apr/15Mt. Somers
Romeo is Bleeding24 *Lead O/S06/Apr/15Transmitter Crag
Owens Climb29 Lead dog06/Apr/15Transmitter Crag
Marital Bliss18 *Lead O/S09/Mar/15Transmitter Crag
Sloth22 *Lead O/S09/Mar/15Transmitter Crag
Slothful21 **Lead O/S09/Mar/15Transmitter Crag
Butterfly27 *Lead G/U09/Mar/15Transmitter Crag
Rage sur la Plage25 ***Lead dog04/Mar/15Lyttelton Rock
Nut For A Nut22 ***Lead O/S??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
Godzilla25 Lead O/S??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
Captain Neutrino27 Lead dnf??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
Liquid Nails24 *Lead O/S??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
King Kong24 *Lead O/S??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
Gap Filler23 *Lead O/S??/Feb/15Transmitter Crag
Shimmering Jelly20 **Lead O/S25/Jan/15Cattlestop
Gift Horse12 *Solo O/S25/Jan/15Cattlestop
Bagatelle16 Solo O/S25/Jan/15Cattlestop
La Vita E Bella25 Lead RP25/Jan/15Cattlestop
Midnight's Children21 *Lead O/S25/Jan/15Cattlestop
Surgical Strike22 ***Lead O/S25/Jan/15Cattlestop
It's a Beautiful Day18 *Solo04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Elvis Lives in Takaka18 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Hunting Tartan6a+ Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Humpty Dumpty18 **Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Temples Of Stone18 ***Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Stone Symposium6c **Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Stroking The Tiger18 **Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Wazzo Jugs18 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Sacred Forest19 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Autumn Leaf18 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Carnage at the crossroads6a+ Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Daves belay slave gets bored18 Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Feisty Red6a+ Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
No Whack Only Dangle18 Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Morepork Pie18 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Candy Man18 *Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Bury Me in a Y Shaped Coffin21 Lead rpt04/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Overkill26 **Lead RP01/Jan/15Paynes Ford
Animated Suspension26 Lead RP31/Dec/14Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Jug Jockey23 *Lead O/S14/Dec/14Lyttelton Rock