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Logbook for Hamfunk

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Birdmanf7A **Sent rptGreg M, Dave, Colin McK25/Oct/14Cummingston
The Nest (boulder problem)f6A **Sent rptGreg M, Dave, Colin McK25/Oct/14Cummingston
Gorillaf7A **Sent xGreg M, Dave, Colin McK25/Oct/14Cummingston
Sciaticaf6B **Sent βGreg M, Dave, Colin McK25/Oct/14Cummingston
KinkyBitchf6C **Sent xGreg M, Dave, Colin McK25/Oct/14Cummingston
The Overhangf6A *Sent rptStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
The Overhang Dynof6A Sent xStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
Overhang Eliminatef6C+ **Sent O/SStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
Two Cuts Above (Eliminate)f6C Sent xStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
The Floestone Wallf7A *Sent xStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
Flattiesf6B+ Sent rptStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
Two Peachesf7A *Sent rptStuart A24/Oct/14Boltsheugh
Hanging Aretef6B **Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Squelchf6C ***Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Conundrumf4+ *Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Pressf6B+ *Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Press without the shenanigansf6A **Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Zig Zagf5 ***Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Happy Pilotsf4+ **Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
No Skooshf3 Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Zig Zag Sitstartf6A Sent O/SAndy04/Oct/14Torridon Celtic Jumble
Right Aretef6B **Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Farr Boulder
Right Arete SSf6C ***Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Farr Boulder
Breathlessf6A **Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Farr Boulder
Forever Unfulfilledf6B+ **Sent xAndy04/Oct/14Farr Boulder
The Dudef7A ***Sent x 27/Sep/14Ruthven Boulder
The Big Lebowskif7A ***Sent x 27/Sep/14Ruthven Boulder
People That's Whyf6A **Sent O/SMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Harlem Rumblef6A+ **Sent xMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Pyramid Slab Leftf6A+ Sent xMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Pyramid Slab Rightf6A Sent O/SMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Jam Slab Right Aretef6A+ Sent xMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Butterfly Collector Variationf6B Sent xMhairi, Greg M, Dave27/Sep/14Duntelchaig
Slap The Bitch Upf6C Sent xJoe10/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Crimp with sidepullf6B+ Sent xJoe10/Sep/14Boltsheugh
The Throwf6B Sent rptJoe10/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Crimpsf6B+ Sent xJoe10/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Aretef6A *Sent rptJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
The Overhangf6A *Sent rptJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Flattiesf6B+ Sent xJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Slopey Slapperf6C+ Sent xJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Pocket, Slopey Crimpf6C Sent xJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Sidepullf6C+ Sent βJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Crimpf6C Sent xJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Easy Eliminatef6A+ Sent rptJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Two Peachesf7A *Sent rptJoe06/Sep/14Boltsheugh
Birthday TreatE1 5a ***Lead RPKeith27/Aug/14Clashrodney
The PrisonerE4 6a *TR RPKeith27/Aug/14Clashrodney
Clash Arete (standing start)f6B Sent rptColin McK16/Aug/14Clashfarquhar
Magic Flump (standing start)f6A **Sent rptColin McK16/Aug/14Clashfarquhar
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