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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Fatherly Advice5a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
in my fathers house6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Father, Dear Father6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Love Yer Dad6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Crispy Duck6b Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
The Big Take Out6a *Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Chop Suicide6b *Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Les Chinoise6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Order Number 696a+ Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
The Golden Duck6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Me Old China6a Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
The China Syndrome5c Lead O/S 11/Jun/11Intake Quarry
Mon Ami Bart6c+ **TR dnf 27/May/11Orpierre
Dernière Prise avant le Relais5c *Lead O/S 26/May/11Orpierre
Le Ventre Plein5a *Lead O/S 26/May/11Orpierre
Les Rescapés de la Côte d'Azur5a *Lead O/S 26/May/11Orpierre
Lent Dehors5a Lead O/S 26/May/11Orpierre
Le Fou d'Amérique5a Lead O/S 26/May/11Orpierre
Envie5c *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Orgueil5c *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Avarice5a *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Paresse6a *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Coupe-Doigts5a *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Babouin Land5c **Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Chutes de Pierres5c *Lead O/S 25/May/11Orpierre
Merlin l'Enchanteur5a **Lead β 24/May/11Sisteron
Les Mesons5a **Lead β 24/May/11Sisteron
Les Sous Doués Passent le Crux5c **Lead β 24/May/11Sisteron
Altaïr4c **Lead β 24/May/11Sisteron
Le Dièdre5c **Lead dog 24/May/11Sisteron
Clog5c **Lead dog 24/May/11Sisteron
Shinobie5c Lead O/S 24/May/11Sisteron
Crack6a+ Lead RP 24/May/11Sisteron
SOS.com5a Lead O/S 23/May/11Orpierre
Balai Brosse5a **Lead O/S 23/May/11Orpierre
Les Bijoux de Spaggiari5c **Lead O/S 23/May/11Orpierre
Plus Fort Que Moi, tu Meurs6b **Lead O/S 23/May/11Orpierre
Rogntudju6b **Lead O/S 23/May/11Orpierre
Œuf Dur5c **Lead dog 23/May/11Orpierre
Eclectik Electrik6a *Lead β 23/May/11Orpierre
Capharnaum6a *Lead β 23/May/11Orpierre
Tiation4c *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Traffic4a *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Canardo5a **Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Palmer5a *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Les Clochards Célestes5c *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Le Ficelou de Miss Waïkiki5c *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Think Punk5a *Lead O/S 22/May/11Orpierre
Wake Up Call6b Lead β 02/May/11Masson Lees Quarry
Slumberland5a Lead β 02/May/11Masson Lees Quarry
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