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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Wobblestone CrackHVD 4a **2ndGraham Fisher18/May/10Burbage North
Overhanging ChimneyHVD **Leadggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
AriesHS 4b *2ndggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
OnoS 4a *2ndggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
Uno CrackD *Leadggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
Duo Crack ClimbVD *Leadggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
YouthVD 2ndggawthrope02/Jun/09Stanage High Neb
Leaning SlabVD LeadDave Potts31/May/09Bamford Edge
AmmoS 4a 2ndDave Potts31/May/09Bamford Edge
GangwayVD 2ndDave Potts31/May/09Bamford Edge
Adjacent SlabD 2ndDave Potts31/May/09Bamford Edge
OppositeS 4a 2ndDave Potts31/May/09Bamford Edge
Direct RouteVD ***2ndSimon (Sam) Garrad17/May/08Milestone Buttress
Pulpit RouteD **LeadChris Young15/May/08Milestone Buttress
Pulpit RouteD **LeadChris Young15/May/08Milestone Buttress
Greeny CrackVS 4b **2ndggawthrope06/May/08Burbage North
Left Studio ClimbVD Leadggawthrope06/May/08Burbage North
Rose FlakeVS 4b *2ndggawthrope06/May/08Burbage North
Right FinHVS 5a **2ndggawthrope06/May/08Burbage North
Ash Tree SlabsVD ***2ndSimon (Sam) Garrad29/Aug/07Gimmer Crag
Lookout FlakeHS 4b *2ndggawthrope07/Aug/07Stanage Plantation
Hot SpurHS 4b *2ndggawthrope07/Aug/07Stanage Plantation
Hot SpurHS 4b *2ndggawthrope07/Aug/07Stanage Plantation
Ladder CracksD 2ndggawthrope07/Aug/07Stanage Plantation
Gunpowder CrackVS 5b **2ndMark Benton08/May/07Bamford Edge
AmmoS 4a Solo 08/May/07Bamford Edge
Route 3HVD 4a *2ndChris Young06/May/07Burbage North
Wall CornerHVD 4a LeadChris Young06/May/07Burbage North
Bilberry Crack (Burbage North)VD *2ndChris Young06/May/07Burbage North
Route 1S 4b LeadChris Young06/May/07Burbage North
Balcony ButtressS 4a ***2ndgary gawthrope01/May/07Stanage Popular
Scoop CrackHS 4b Lead dogChris Young01/May/07Stanage Popular
The FlueHVD 2ndChris Young01/May/07Stanage Popular
Upanover CrackS 4b LeadChris Young01/May/07Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece ButtressD *Solo 26/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece RightHVD Solo 26/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece ButtressD *Solo 26/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece RightHVD Solo 26/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Copenhagen WallVS 5a *LeadSimon (Sam) Garrad21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Gunpowder Gully AreteHVD SoloSimon (Sam) Garrad21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Horatio's HorrorHS 4a **2ndSimon (Sam) Garrad21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Mast Gully RidgeVD *Solo 21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Promenade DirectHVD 4a *Solo 21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***Solo 21/Apr/07Birchen Edge
Route 3HVD 4a *2ndgary gawthrope17/Apr/07Burbage North
20 Foot CrackS 4b *2ndgary gawthrope17/Apr/07Burbage North
Ash Tree WallHVD **LeadSimon (Sam) Garrad10/Mar/07Burbage North
Monkey CornerVD *-Chris Young10/Mar/07Burbage North
Wall CornerHVD 4a 2ndSimon (Sam) Garrad10/Mar/07Burbage North
Route 5S 4b 2ndgary gawthrope???/2007Burbage North
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