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NameStyleDate Crag name
Pas enerves2nd O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
Chute de Pierres2nd O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
Musique sans percussion2nd O/S29/Sep/10Baume Noire
La Reymonde2nd O/S28/Sep/10Ubrieux
Ganja2nd O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Snack Club2nd O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
La Mota2nd O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Bonne AnniversaireLead O/S27/Sep/10Nyons les Bourdons
Bilberry Cake2nd O/S28/Sep/08Burbage North
Les Jardiniers2nd O/S20/Jun/08Le Landeyran
OleLead RP20/Jun/08Le Landeyran
Martin! HicLead O/S20/Jun/08Le Landeyran
BubulleTR dog20/Jun/08Le Landeyran
Patin Coufin2nd O/S18/Jun/08Fontjoncouse
La Capitelle2nd O/S18/Jun/08Fontjoncouse
Lou Recantou2nd O/S18/Jun/08Fontjoncouse
Kayak2nd RP23/Jun/07Curbar Edge
Les B*********s2nd O/S23/May/07Nyons les Bourdons
Astra2nd O/S23/May/07Nyons les Bourdons
Le Piglet Perdu2nd O/S23/May/07Nyons les Bourdons
? (19)2nd O/S23/May/07Nyons les Bourdons
Kipertou2nd O/S22/May/07Ubrieux
Splach2nd O/S22/May/07Ubrieux
Perfo/Cleru2nd O/S22/May/07Ubrieux
Rough Wall Climb2nd O/S18/Jun/06Baslow Edge
Route 22nd O/S18/Jun/06Baslow Edge
Route 12nd O/S18/Jun/06Baslow Edge
Rosa2nd O/S??/Feb/06Montesa
L'amic Joan Grau2nd O/S??/Feb/06Montesa
Bella ruta2nd O/S??/Feb/06Sierra de Toix
La roja dos2nd O/S??/Feb/06Sierra de Toix
Por aquí menos2nd O/S??/Feb/06Marin
Out of control2nd O/S??/Feb/06Marin
Aventuras en pañales2nd O/S??/Feb/06Marin
Dernier Outrages2nd O/S??/Apr/05Culles Les Roches
Gogolitos Dream2nd O/S??/Apr/05Culles Les Roches
Ultimate2nd O/S??/Apr/05Culles Les Roches
Protection Rapprochee2nd O/S??/Apr/05Rochers du Parc
Peter Pan2nd O/S??/Apr/05Rochers du Parc
La Sorciere2nd O/S??/Apr/05Surgy
La Cantonniere2nd O/S??/Apr/05Surgy
Tom Bombadilom2nd O/S??/Apr/05Surgy
Le Pays de Mordor2nd O/S??/Apr/05Surgy
62nd O/S??/Jul/04Le Chambon
102nd O/S??/Jul/04Le Chambon
112nd O/S??/Jul/04Le Chambon
122nd O/S??/Jul/04Le Chambon
Voyou2nd O/S??/Jun/04Lacou
52nd O/S??/Jun/04Lacou
Fast2nd O/S??/Jun/04Lacou
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