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NameStyleDate Crag name
AmazoniaLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
Rock LobsterLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
JuggernautLead dog17/Aug/11The Cuttings
The Great Hamburger DisasterLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
The SodLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
JamLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
Chips with EverythingLead O/S17/Aug/11The Cuttings
Diamond BoulderLead O/S17/Aug/11Blacknor Beach
Diamond GeezerLead O/S17/Aug/11Blacknor Beach
The Hardye GirlsTR dnf17/Aug/11Blacknor Beach
Rough DiamondLead O/S17/Aug/11Blacknor Beach
Diamond EdgeLead O/S17/Aug/11Blacknor Beach
Pregnant PauseLead dog17/Aug/11Blacknor Central
Fallen Slab ArÍteLead O/S02/Oct/10Blacknor Beach
Fallen SlabLead O/S02/Oct/10Blacknor Beach
Le Cranium CassťLead dog02/Oct/10Blacknor Beach
Slabtastic (Sunday swing)Lead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
My Little BuddhaSolo O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Suburban DaveLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
SketchtasticLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
A Nugget of Purest GreenLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Vertical ThrillLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Diamond SolitaireLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Portland SnowshineLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Mystic CrackSolo O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
The Bolt FactoryLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Diamond EdgeLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Diamond GeezerLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Rough DiamondLead O/S11/Jul/10Blacknor Beach
Tom's PatienceLead O/S12/Jul/09Winspit
So NaughtyLead dog12/Jul/09Winspit
7a+ Took Me LungLead O/S12/Jul/09Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my FeeLead O/S12/Jul/09Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my FeeLead O/S12/Jul/09Winspit
Nine Years AbsenceLead dog12/Jul/09Winspit
Nine Years AbsenceTR RP12/Jul/09Winspit
Know What I Mean PalLead dog12/Jul/09Winspit
Resin DevotionLead dog12/Jul/09Winspit
small wallTR dog21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Small ChimneyTR O/S21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
The ChimneyTR O/S21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Tame DiedreTR O/S21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Tame VariantTR O/S21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Sunshine CrackTR dog21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Deadwood CrackTR dog21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Toeing the LineTR dnf21/Mar/09Harrisons Rocks
Original RouteAltLd O/S20/Sep/08Wintour's Leap
So NaughtyLead dog20/Jul/08Winspit
So NaughtyLead rpt20/Jul/08Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the PebbleTR dog20/Jul/08Winspit