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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
PleckoE1 5a/b Solo O/S30/Aug/15Fort Pembroke
Greased WhippetHVS 5a Solo O/S30/Aug/15Fort Pembroke
The Last GaspVD Solo O/S30/Aug/15Fort Pembroke
Dark Side of the MoonE1 5b Solo O/S30/Aug/15Fort Pembroke
One Small Step For ManVS 5a Solo O/S30/Aug/15Fort Pembroke
The AnvilS 4b ***Solo O/S22/Aug/15La Nethe Falaise
Spectref6B *Sent17/Aug/15Spooky Wall
Blair Whitchf6B Sent17/Aug/15Spooky Wall
Ratline7b **Lead dog16/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Cairn7a+ ***Lead RP16/Aug/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Esquiref5 Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Mini Manf6A Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Wee Manf6A Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Littleman'sf6A+ **Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Projectf3 Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Coat of Armsf4+ Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Pat Butcherf6A *Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
The Slaughterf6A+ Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
A Primal Cutf5+ Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Fit as a Butchers Dog6b Sent10/Aug/15Littleman's Rock
Middlefell ButtressD *Solo O/S08/Aug/15Raven Crag (Langdale)
Crescent ClimbM *Solo O/S08/Aug/15Pavey Ark
Gwynne's ChimneyD *Solo O/S08/Aug/15Pavey Ark
The Pants Off Traversf6B+ *Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Wetland Wallf5+ Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Marsh Aretef6A+ Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Quagmiref6A Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Swamp-o-meterf5+ Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Everglade Wallf6A+ Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
364th Dayf6A+ Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Another Dayf6B *Sent28/Jul/15Swampy's Block
Spooky ArÍtef6A+ *Sent21/Jul/15Spooky Wall
Fruit 'n' Nutf6A Sent21/Jul/15Threapwood Woods
Fruityf6B+ *Sent21/Jul/15Threapwood Woods
Fruits of the Forestf6B+ **Sent21/Jul/15Threapwood Woods
Fruits of the Forest (Standing)f5 *Sent21/Jul/15Threapwood Woods
Afterlifef5+ Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Feather of Maatf5+ Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Weighing of the Heartf4+ Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Book of the Deadf7A **Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Book of the Dead (Standing)f6B+ *Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
The Scarabf6B *Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Prince of Thebesf6B+ **Sent x14/Jul/15Valley of the Kings
Pinklef6A Sent x12/Jul/15Discreet Block
Mushroom Headf5+ Sent O/S12/Jul/15Discreet Block
Machine Head (Standing)f6A+ Sent x07/Jul/15Discreet Block
Multi Storey Parkinf6B+ Sent x07/Jul/15Discreet Block
The Edge of Donnybrooks7a Lead RP05/Jul/15Deep Dale
Sarcophagus Shufflef6C **Sent x25/Jun/15Valley of the Kings
Ponklef4+ Sent O/S21/Jun/15Discreet Block