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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Mungo20 **Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
Porn Dog19 **Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
The Handcrack17 **Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
couch potato16 Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
In The Flesh17 Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
Blue Steel18 *Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
Go Anna18 *Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
You Wish Jellyfish21 **Lead β???/2014Thompsons Point
Jugzilla (pitch 1)22 *Lead β11/May/13Thompsons Point
Cromagnon19 **Lead β22/Apr/13Thompsons Point
Drunk and Disorderly19 ***Lead O/S03/Feb/13Point Perpendicular
Pyromaniac18 *Lead O/S??/Feb/13Bangor West
Man overboard16 Lead β??/Feb/13Point Perpendicular
Grey Mist17 ***Lead β??/Feb/13Point Perpendicular
Blowing in the Wind21 Lead β03/Jan/13Point Perpendicular
Worm on a razor19 **Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Backdraft18 *Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
L'Arch17 *Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Throbbing Pole Of Love20 **Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
McStagger15 **Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Pie Man14 **Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Slip Slop Snap22 Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Alien Space Monsters19 **Lead β???/2013The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
Eat My Spinning Blades Of Steel Motherfucker20 **Lead β12/Dec/12The Grotto Cliffline - Nowra
No Country For Old Men19 Lead β18/Nov/12The Sanctuary
Curse of the Pikeys19 Lead O/S03/Nov/12The Sanctuary
Sentry Duty22 *Lead β13/Oct/12Mount Alexandra
Macmillan Madness16 Lead β03/Oct/12Lassiters
The Darkness18 *Lead β03/Oct/12Lassiters
Refusal14 *Lead O/S30/Sep/12Mount york
Ballard of a Thin Man22 -28/Sep/12The Sanctuary
Sins of the Father22 *-28/Sep/12The Sanctuary
Silver Bull12 **Lead O/S24/Sep/12Lassiters
Money Shot16 Lead O/S24/Sep/12Lassiters
Heart of Darkness20 **Lead β24/Sep/12Lassiters
Green Gate22 Lead β14/Sep/12Mount Alexandra
The Crow Road18 Lead β08/Sep/12The Sanctuary
Death Of The Moss Monster18 *Lead O/S02/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
Fucary Rug14 Lead O/S02/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
Stormin Norman18 **Lead O/S02/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
The Sisters of Fatima16 ***Lead O/S02/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
A Tale of Two Cities18 ***Lead O/S02/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
A Tale of Two Cities18 ***Lead O/S01/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
Stormin Norman18 **Lead O/S01/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
The Sisters of Fatima16 ***Lead O/S01/Sep/12The Dam Cliff
After Dinner Sex Games18 *Lead β25/Aug/12The Goldmine
The Bunga Bunga Climb21 **Lead β25/Aug/12The Goldmine
Philosopher's Stone12 *Lead O/S22/Aug/12Thompsons Point
Isengard18 ***Lead O/S22/Aug/12Thompsons Point
Something For Kate12 Lead O/S22/Aug/12Thompsons Point