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NameStyleDate Crag name
Dennis In DarloSolo O/S29/Dec/14Slipstones
Stainthorps Variation StartSolo29/Dec/14Slipstones
SlipshodLead O/S19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Yellow FeverLead O/S19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
The First TouchLead O/S19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Glass SlipperLead O/S19/Sep/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Fuel EconomyLead O/S10/Sep/14Grange Crags (Car Park Crag)
The WitchLead O/S03/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
Hazelrigg WallSolo β03/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
The SorcererSent03/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
Hazelrigg Wall DirectSent03/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
The Wizard (start only)Sent03/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
The ScoopLead O/S02/Sep/14Bowden Doors
Black and TanLead O/S02/Sep/14Bowden Doors
The Overhanging CrackLead dnf02/Sep/14Bowden Doors
Y-FrontSent02/Sep/14Bowden Doors
R.I.P.Lead O/S15/Aug/14Castle Crag
Too Baldly GoLead O/S08/Aug/14Harrop Tarn Crag
Maiden's CaveLead O/S07/Aug/14Yew Crags
Communist ConvertAltLd O/S17/Jul/14Raven Crag, Thirlmere
Banzai PipelineAltLd O/S09/Jul/14Great End Crag
Barnacle BillLead O/S06/Jul/14Armathwaite
Codpiece Left HandLead06/Jul/14Armathwaite
Flake OutLead O/S30/Jun/14Moss Crags
Highland Fling2nd O/S30/Jun/14Moss Crags
Terrier's ToothAltLd O/S24/Jun/14Chair Ladder
Demo Route-23/Jun/14Sennen
Africa Route-23/Jun/14Sennen
Terrace CracksAltLd O/S23/Jun/14Sennen
Anvil ChorusAltLd22/Jun/14Bosigran
Far GrooveSolo O/S11/Jun/14Windmore End
AnticlimbaxSolo11/Jun/14Windmore End
Squeezed CitrusSolo11/Jun/14Windmore End
Becher's BrookSolo O/S11/Jun/14Windmore End
SciroccoSolo O/S11/Jun/14Windmore End
CyclopsSolo30/May/14Hutton Roof Crags
Winged TraverseSolo30/May/14Hutton Roof Crags
The Low TraverseSent x29/May/14Honister Boulders
The Bludgeon2nd27/May/14Shepherds Crag
The ReiverLead O/S21/May/14Bleak How
Brown SlabsSolo O/S15/May/14Shepherds Crag
DedicationLead O/S14/May/14Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
HearthLead16/Apr/14Yew Crags
Undercut AreteSent rpt13/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
CorvusAltLd O/S10/Dec/13Raven Crag, Combe Ghyll
The Crack Super DirectSent21/Nov/13The Bowderstone
Cam Crag RidgeSolo??/Nov/13Cam Crags
Fallen IdolSent x29/Aug/13High Rock Area (Honister)
Munich Agreement2nd O/S22/Aug/13Goats Crag
Pussy GaloreLead O/S22/Aug/13Goats Crag
Inner Limits2nd O/S22/Aug/13Goats Crag
Problem 4Sent19/Aug/13Gillercombe Boulders
Problem 7Sent19/Aug/13Gillercombe Boulders
Problem 19Sent19/Aug/13Gillercombe Boulders
Problem 20Sent19/Aug/13Gillercombe Boulders
Problem 21Sent19/Aug/13Gillercombe Boulders
BacklashLead O/S08/Aug/13Yew Crags
The ShroudAltLd O/S02/Aug/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
DelilahAltLd O/S17/Jul/13High Crag
High Crag ButtressAltLd O/S17/Jul/13High Crag
Dry TrimLead O/S17/Jul/13High Crag
Megamoose-14/Jul/13Coudy Rock
Perfect Weather to Fly-14/Jul/13Coudy Rock
Resisting Chiptation-14/Jul/13Coudy Rock
Two Pints and a Packet of Crisps-14/Jul/13Coudy Rock
The Sands of Time-14/Jul/13Coudy Rock
Californian WeirdoLead dog10/Jul/13Swirl Crags
American Pie2nd O/S10/Jul/13Swirl Crags
Pinnacle RidgeSolo06/Jul/13St. Sunday crag
Rack Direct2nd01/Jul/13Reecastle Crag
The Gibbet DirectLead O/S01/Jul/13Reecastle Crag
CleopatraLead O/S06/Jun/13Buckstone How
GandalfAltLd O/S??/Jun/13Gandalf
Guns n' RosesAltLd O/S??/Jun/13Gandalf
VestpillarenAltLd O/S??/Jun/13Presten
BloodaxeLead β30/May/13Slape Crags
Rouse's WallSent x21/May/13Carrock Fell crag
Nova Scotia AreteSent x21/May/13Carrock Fell crag
RaindropAltLd rpt16/May/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
The GraspLead O/S02/May/13Shepherds Crag
ChamonixLead O/S02/May/13Shepherds Crag
M.G.C.-19/Apr/13Shepherds Crag
Kransic Crack Direct-19/Apr/13Shepherds Crag
Troutdale PinnacleAltLd24/Feb/13Black Crag (Borrowdale)
IllusionAltLd O/S???/2013Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
Sing A RainbowSent??/Nov/12Carrock Fell crag
Innocuous Corner-??/Nov/12Bell Stand
Anniversary Waltz-??/Nov/12Bell Stand
Plumbline-??/Nov/12Bell Stand
Tipsy Crack-??/Nov/12Bell Stand
Needless EliminateLead O/S21/Jul/12Buckbarrow, Wasdale
The Buckbarrow NeedleLead O/S21/Jul/12Buckbarrow, Wasdale
The Rack-20/Jul/12Reecastle Crag
The Gibbet-20/Jul/12Reecastle Crag
The Rack-20/Jul/12Reecastle Crag
The Gibbet-20/Jul/12Reecastle Crag
Honister WallAltLd O/S19/Jul/12Buckstone How
Alligin Ridge Traverse-??/Jul/12Beinn Alligin (Toll nam Biast)
The Steel bandAltLd O/S20/Jun/12Iron Crag
Granolithic GrooveLead O/S20/Jun/12Iron Crag
U-THLead O/S12/Jun/12Pabbay
MilligramLead O/S??/Jun/12Scratchmere Scar
SwansongLead O/S??/Jun/12Giggleswick South
Water HazardLead O/S??/Jun/12Giggleswick South
Richard of YorkLead O/S??/Jun/12Giggleswick South
Mighty MouseLead O/S??/Jun/12Giggleswick South
The Constant GardenerLead O/S??/Jun/12Giggleswick South
U-EiAltLd O/S??/Jun/12Pabbay
Absolutely Fabulous-19/May/12St. Bees Head
Honey Pot-19/May/12St. Bees Head
Fisherman's Friend-19/May/12St. Bees Head
Happy Friday-19/May/12St. Bees Head
Bee Line-19/May/12St. Bees Head
Conclusion-16/May/12Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Crack-16/May/12Shepherds Crag
The Mortician-??/May/12Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Troutdale Pinnacle-??/May/12Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Raindrop-??/May/12Black Crag (Borrowdale)
The Crypt DirectLead O/S16/Apr/12Quayfoot Buttress
Mandrake2nd16/Apr/12Quayfoot Buttress
Little SydneyLead O/S13/Apr/12Dalt Quarry
ChickenhawkLead O/S13/Apr/12Dalt Quarry
Blu Oyster CultLead O/S13/Apr/12Dalt Quarry
Better Red Than DeadLead O/S13/Apr/12Dalt Quarry
Silent Skies2nd β27/Mar/12Buckstone How
Fishers FollyAltLd O/S01/Mar/12Shepherds Crag
Little ChamonixAltLd O/S01/Mar/12Shepherds Crag
Mr SandmanLead dog15/Feb/12St. Bees Head
Middle EarthTR dog13/Nov/11Bramcrag Quarry
Bram Crag WallLead dnf13/Nov/11Bramcrag Quarry
MichelangeloLead O/S07/Nov/11Bramcrag Quarry
Problem 32 (Rockfax)Sent x01/Nov/11St. Bees Head
Problem 33 (Rockfax)Sent x01/Nov/11St. Bees Head
The Crack Super DirectSent x26/Oct/11The Bowderstone
Bottle CrackLead06/Oct/11Back Bowden Doors
The Arches2nd O/S06/Oct/11Back Bowden Doors
The Spell2nd O/S06/Oct/11Back Bowden Doors
Tacitation2nd O/S05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Coldstream CornerAltLd O/S05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Giblets2nd05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Cheviot Charlie2nd O/S05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Cheviot CharlieLead05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
HeadbangerSolo05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Wasted Time2nd O/S05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Oxter WallAltLd O/S05/Oct/11Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
The BastardSent x27/Sep/11Carrock Fell crag
The Sound of One Al SlappingSent x25/Sep/11Carrock Fell crag
The Sound of One Al Slapping ReverseSent x25/Sep/11Carrock Fell crag
The Music BoxSent x20/Sep/11Carrock Fell crag