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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Sabre Cut VS 4c *** AltLd 18/Sep Dinas Cromlech
Tempest S 4a * 2nd 17/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Breaking the Barrier E1 5b *** Lead 17/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Black and Tan VS 4c ** Lead 17/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Tension VS 4b ** Lead 17/Sep Holyhead Mountain
Clevor Trevor 6c ** TR 18/Aug Trevor Quarry
Dino VS 4b * Lead 18/Aug Trevor Quarry
Long John Silver VS 4b * Lead 18/Aug Trevor Quarry
Finale Groove VS 4b ** AltLd 14/Jul Pontesford Rocks
Eliminate G HVS 5a * Lead 14/Jul Pontesford Rocks
Over the Wall 6a+ * 2nd 23/Jun Trevor Quarry
Margin of Error 6c ** TR 23/Jun Trevor Quarry
Borderline 6a+ *** Lead 23/Jun Trevor Quarry
Forensic Science 5a Lead 02/Jun Trevor Quarry
Suspectus 6a+ * Lead 02/Jun Trevor Quarry
Crime Scene 6b * Lead 02/Jun Trevor Quarry
Innocence 5c * Lead 02/Jun Trevor Quarry
Don't Fluff It E4 5c 2nd 08/May Stanage Plantation
Millsom's Minion E1 5b *** TR 08/May Stanage Plantation
Paradise Crack HVD 4a ** Lead 08/May Stanage Plantation
Paradise Wall HS 4b *** 2nd 08/May Stanage Plantation
Paradise ArÍte VS 4c ** 2nd 08/May Stanage Plantation
Parasite HVS 5a * Lead 08/May Stanage Plantation
Abbey 4 S 4a TR 05/May Westminster Arms Quarry...
Right Wing HVS 5a Lead O/S 05/May Westminster Arms Quarry...