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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Aaolaa5a *Lead O/S08/May/14Kastelli
Sisyphus5a **Lead O/S08/May/14Kastelli
Captain Adonis5a **Lead O/S08/May/14Kastelli
Les Copins d'Abord6a ***TR07/May/14Gerakios
Chirippi5c ***Lead O/S07/May/14Gerakios
Jolie Emilie5c **Lead O/S07/May/14Gerakios
Minion5c ***Lead O/S07/May/14Gerakios
Rita6a ***TR06/May/14Pescatore
Niki5a **Lead O/S06/May/14Irox
Memories of Dorothy5a *Lead O/S06/May/14Irox
Anastasia5a ***Lead O/S06/May/14Irox
Slalom6a ***Lead β05/May/14Sea Breeze
Stars on Stage6a **Lead O/S05/May/14Sea Breeze
Rockcleaner5b **Lead O/S05/May/14Sea Breeze
CU at the Wall5b **Lead O/S04/May/14Belgian Chocolates
Jolli5b ***Lead O/S04/May/14Belgian Chocolates
Faron5c ***Lead O/S04/May/14Belgian Chocolates
Salbei6a **Lead O/S03/May/14Summertime
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/S03/May/14Summertime
Friends6b+ *TR03/May/14Summertime
Til Tanit5c **Lead O/S03/May/14Summertime
July4b *Lead O/S03/May/14Summertime
Pegaso5b **Lead O/S02/May/14Arhi
Teseo5b **Lead O/S02/May/14Arhi
Argonauti5b **Lead O/S02/May/14Arhi
Scacco5c **Lead O/S02/May/14Arhi
Phineas5c ***Lead O/S01/May/14Symplegades
Drama6a+ ***TR01/May/14Symplegades
Climber's Nest6a ***Lead O/S01/May/14Symplegades
Anemodarmeni6a **TR01/May/14Symplegades
Mocha5b *Lead O/S30/Apr/14Dodoni
Parfait5c **Lead O/S30/Apr/14Dodoni
Game Boys5a *Lead O/S30/Apr/14Dodoni
Nuts and Berries5a *Lead O/S30/Apr/14Dodoni
Joy in the Garden6a+ ***TR29/Apr/14Ghost Kitchen
Hour of Ghosts6a **Lead O/S29/Apr/14Ghost Kitchen
Bulduin6b+ **TR29/Apr/14Ghost Kitchen
Absent Friends6a **Lead O/S29/Apr/14Ghost Kitchen
Dell Mabul6a ***Lead O/S28/Apr/14Arhi
Komak6a+ ***TR28/Apr/14Arhi
Optasia5b ***Lead O/S27/Apr/14Arhi
Arianna5a ***Lead O/S27/Apr/14Arhi
Cerbero5b ***Lead O/S27/Apr/14Arhi
Caronte4c ***Lead O/S27/Apr/14Arhi
Alba6a *Lead O/S27/Apr/14Arhi
Tufa Slab5b **Lead O/S26/Apr/14Arginonta
Wild Sex6b ***TR26/Apr/14Arginonta
Katherina4c **Lead O/S26/Apr/14Arginonta
Mike's Rescue5a **Lead O/S26/Apr/14Arginonta
Loukoumades5c ***Lead O/S26/Apr/14Arginonta