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NameStyleDate Crag name
Unholy AllianceLead03/Sep/09Foxhole Cove
Foxy LadyLead03/Sep/09Foxhole Cove
The Day The Sky Fell InLead03/Sep/09Foxhole Cove
Right Corner IISolo O/S02/Sep/09Three Cliffs Bay
Va d ove di Porto il NeroLead O/S12/Aug/09Cresciano
Winni PakjackLead O/S12/Aug/09Cresciano
La CagadaLead dog12/Aug/09Cresciano
A Sud de Nessun NordLead O/S11/Aug/09Cresciano
StretchingLead O/S11/Aug/09Cresciano
Sensazioni ProfondeLead O/S11/Aug/09Cresciano
Super CrakLead O/S11/Aug/09Cresciano
San PaoloLead O/S11/Aug/09Cresciano
Ein-Zug-Jump (Sektor Oben)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
Block 24 a (Sektor Mitte)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
Block 24 g (Sektor Mitte)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
Block 24 i (Sektor Mitte)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
Block 24 k (Sektor Mitte)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
Block 21 a (Sektor Mitte)Sent10/Aug/09Sustenpass Boulders
KasparLead O/S05/Aug/09Simplon Pass
MelchiorLead O/S05/Aug/09Simplon Pass
SigogaLead O/S04/Aug/09Simplon Dorf
VillabajoLead O/S04/Aug/09Simplon Dorf
VillaribaLead O/S04/Aug/09Simplon Dorf
SalamanderLead O/S04/Aug/09Simplon Dorf
StradineriLead O/S04/Aug/09Simplon Dorf
CamoscellaLead O/S03/Aug/09Gondo
Enfant terribleLead O/S03/Aug/09Gondo
KangooboyLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Eternal FémininLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Bilbond le HobbitLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Blessure du TempsLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Lavage à SecLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Pleasure DomLead O/S29/Jul/09Rawyl
Petit JeannotLead RP29/Jul/09Rawyl
Voie du BelgeLead RP29/Jul/09Rawyl
Pour les AmisLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
GladounetteLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
Peur BleueLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
K'aile EnduraLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
Hermine TroutrouLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
101 NomsLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
Mellon BagoLead O/S27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
SpitreriesLead RP27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
La CollonetteLead RP27/Jul/09Sex du Corbeau
MaïtéSent26/Jul/09Gorge aux chats
La Grève des NainsSent26/Jul/09Gorge aux chats
Le MurSent26/Jul/09Gorge aux chats
La Power-Lolotte / le Surplomb StatiqueSent O/S24/Jul/09Franchard Isatis
Le Retabomane / La Voiture a Bras (White 35)Sent O/S24/Jul/09Franchard Isatis
RondeursSent O/S24/Jul/09Franchard Isatis
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