50 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Orang-outangLead dog20/Sep/08Stanage North
Terrazza CrackLead O/S20/Sep/08Stanage North
Don's DelightSolo O/S20/Sep/08Stanage North
Right-hand Tower2nd O/S20/Sep/08Stanage North
Wild and Woolly2nd O/S20/Sep/08Stanage North
Noah's WarningLead O/S14/Sep/08Dinas Cromlech
Left WallLead O/S14/Sep/08Dinas Cromlech
Gashed CragAltLd O/S13/Sep/08Tryfan (East Face)
Venus FlytrapLead O/S??/Aug/08Lundy
AsafoetidaLead O/S??/Aug/08Lundy
Cow PieLead O/S??/Aug/08Lundy
Albacore2nd O/S??/Aug/08Lundy
HarbingerLead dog??/Aug/08Lundy
The ButcherLead O/S??/Aug/08St. Govan's Head
Clean Hand Blues BandLead O/S??/Aug/08St. Govan's Head
The Strait GateLead O/S??/Aug/08Mother Carey's Kitchen
WraithLead O/S??/Aug/08Mother Carey's Kitchen
Elder CrackLead O/S??/Aug/08Curbar Edge
The PeapodLead O/S??/Aug/08Curbar Edge
Insanity2nd dog??/Aug/08Curbar Edge
Slippery PeopleLead O/S??/Aug/08Serengeti
BeowulfLead O/S??/Jun/08Bosigran
The Ghost2nd dog??/Jun/08Bosigran
Visions of JohannaLead O/S??/Jun/08Bosigran
Javelin BladeLead O/S??/May/08Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Suicide Wall Route 12nd O/S??/May/08Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Continuation Crack2nd O/S??/May/08Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Grey AreteAltLd O/S??/May/08Glyder Fawr crag
The WrackLead O/S??/May/08Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Grooved ArÍteAltLd O/S??/May/08Tryfan (East Face)
S S SpecialLead O/S??/May/08Clogwyn y Grochan
Sickle2nd O/S??/May/08Clogwyn y Grochan
Looning the TubeLead O/S??/Apr/08Australia
Tigers Don't CryLead O/S??/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Side EffectsLead O/S??/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Ironside's MenLead O/S??/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Bitter Battle TearsLead O/S??/Apr/08Shorn Cliff
Brazen ButtressLead O/S??/Aug/07Mother Carey's Kitchen
HeadlineLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Stop PressLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Satan's SlipLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
McVitie ManLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Diamond SolitaireLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Double DiamondLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
ShamrockLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Slip TideLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
MeninironsLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
Formula OneLead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
The Indy 500Lead O/S??/Sep/06Lundy
The OceanAltLd??/Sep/06Lundy