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Logbook for Dringo

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Next 50 climbs
NameStyleDate Crag name
Taken over by Department 'C'-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Cig-Arete-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Where are my Sensible Shoes?-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Drowning Man-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Pigs in Space-???/2007Rainbow Walls
The Mau Mau-???/2007Rainbow Walls
True Clip-???/2007Rainbow Walls
German Schoolgirl-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Spong (is good for you)-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Manatese-???/2007Rainbow Walls
Finale-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
School Mam-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Cakewalk Direct-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
The Cakewalk-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Route 3-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Route 2-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Route 1-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Cross Winds-???/2006Castle Inn Quarry
Just for Fun-???/2006Australia
G'Day Arete-???/2006Australia
Brief Encounter-???/2006Australia
Gadaffi Duck-???/2006Australia
Turn of the Century-???/2006Australia
Dried-Mouth Frog HS-???/2006Australia
Goose Creature-???/2006Australia
Looning the Tube-???/2006Australia
Red Throated Diver-???/2006Australia
2nd Class Passenger-???/2006Australia
Ancestral Vices-???/2006Australia
Off the Beaten Track-???/2006Australia
Act Naturally-???/2006Australia
Ronald Reagan meets Doctor Strangelove-???/2006Australia
Mad Dog of the West-???/2006Australia
The Dreaming-???/2006Australia
The North Face of the Aga-???/2006Australia
See You Bruce-???/2006Australia
The Gorbals-???/2006Australia
Men of Leisure-???/2006Australia
Goblin Party-???/2006Australia
Sad Man Who's Sane-???/2006Australia
Whizz Bang-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Fool's Gold-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
1000 Tons of Chicken Shit-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Scare City-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Forsinain Motspur-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Solstice-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Equinox-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
Sterling Silver-???/2006Bus Stop Quarry
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