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Logbook for Stoney Boy

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
La Galere6a Lead O/SNick Conway19/Oct/14Freyr
Freedom6c Lead O/SNick Conway18/Oct/14Freyr
Le Pilier Cromwell7a Lead RPNick Conway18/Oct/14Freyr
Les Taches Rouges6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway18/Oct/14Freyr
Attention Aux Bush6a Lead O/SNick Conway17/Oct/14Freyr
Belle ISA6a Lead O/SNick Conway16/Oct/14Freyr
La Tire Ligne6b Lead O/SNick Conway16/Oct/14Freyr
Bourrin Malin6b+ Lead O/SNick Conway16/Oct/14Freyr
Le Radar6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway16/Oct/14Freyr
Samarkande6c Lead O/SNick Conway16/Oct/14Freyr
Ikebana7a Lead RPNick Conway15/Sep/14Püttlachtaler Wand
Alten Resten eine Chance6b Lead O/SNick Conway15/Sep/14Püttlachtaler Wand
Abseitsfalle6c Lead O/SNick Conway15/Sep/14Püttlachtaler Wand
Seniorentreff6c Lead RPNick Conway15/Sep/14Püttlachtaler Wand
Zwischenhoch6b+ Lead O/SNick Conway14/Sep/14Stadeltenne
Alltag in Franken6c **Lead RPNick Conway14/Sep/14Stadeltenne
Mittelmeertief6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway14/Sep/14Stadeltenne
Sonntagsspaziergang6c+ Lead RPNick Conway14/Sep/14Stadeltenne
Schlaffsack6b+ Lead O/SNick Conway14/Sep/14Marienthaler Wand
Ammonit7a+ Lead RPNick Conway14/Sep/14Marienthaler Wand
Akku6b+ Lead RPNick Conway13/Sep/14Weissenstein
Oral OfficeVIII Lead RPNick Conway13/Sep/14Amerikanische Botschaft
Agent OrangeVIII- Lead RPNick Conway13/Sep/14Amerikanische Botschaft
Ronald McDonaldVII- Lead O/SNick Conway13/Sep/14Amerikanische Botschaft
Eieruhr6a **Lead O/SNick Conway12/Sep/14Weissenstein
Don't Worry Be Happy5c Lead O/SNick Conway12/Sep/14Weissenstein
Panische Zeiten6c **Lead RPNick Conway12/Sep/14Weissenstein
Vive Les Femmes7b Lead RPNick Conway10/Sep/14Freyr
La Francaise6b+ Lead O/SNick Conway09/Sep/14Freyr
Les Pantins De L'Apocalypse6b Lead O/SNick Conway08/Sep/14Freyr
Au Balcon Du Cine Majestic6a Lead O/SNick Conway08/Sep/14Freyr
La Can-can6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway08/Sep/14Freyr
Oncle Picsous6b Lead O/SNick Conway07/Sep/14Freyr
The Joint7a+ Lead RPNick Conway07/Sep/14Freyr
L'Envie Folle6b+ Lead O/SNick Conway06/Sep/14Freyr
La Sanglante6b Lead O/SNick Conway06/Sep/14Freyr
La Therese6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway06/Sep/14Freyr
OmE2 5b Lead βColin Hughes24/Aug/14Stoney Middleton
ManiE1 5b *2nd βColin Hughes24/Aug/14Stoney Middleton
Race of the Freuds6b+ Lead O/SColin Hughes23/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Mail on Sunday6b *Lead O/SColin Hughes23/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Bloodguard6c+ Lead O/SColin Hughes23/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Senter Home6a Lead O/SColin Hughes23/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
Torre Molinos6b Lead O/SNick Conway19/Aug/14Freyr
Realite Du Zen6c+ Lead O/SNick Conway19/Aug/14Freyr
Plaisir Ephemere6b Lead O/SNick Conway19/Aug/14Freyr
Love Me Tender6a Lead O/SNick Conway18/Aug/14Freyr
Lonesome Zorro6a+ Lead O/SNick Conway18/Aug/14Freyr
La Croisiere Fantastique7a Lead RPNick Conway18/Aug/14Freyr
Weakened Warrior6b Lead O/SColin Hughes11/Aug/14Horseshoe Quarry
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