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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Celebration7c ***Lead RP13/Apr/14Chee Dale Upper
Mad MaxE6 6c **Lead RP12/Apr/14High Tor
Enigmaf7B+ -???/2014Nuda's Tartan
Iron Flagf7B+ *-???/2014Nuda's Tartan
Nuda's Tartanf7B -???/2014Nuda's Tartan
Submissionf6C+ -???/2014Nuda's Tartan
Daves Rooff7A+ -???/2014Nuda's Tartan
The Scenic Routef7A -???/2014Nuda's Tartan
MP3V8 6b -???/2014Birchen Edge
Case Adjourned7a **Lead β???/2014Chee Dale Upper
Systems Malfunction7b **Lead β???/2014Chee Dale Upper
Daylight Robbery7b **Lead β???/2014Chee Dale Upper
Brompton's CocktailE5 6b *Lead RP???/2014High Tor
Tales of Yankee PowerE5 6a ***Lead O/S???/2014High Tor
Lyme CrymeE3 5c ***Lead O/S???/2014High Tor
Robert BrownE3 5c **Lead O/S???/2014High Tor
Tales of Yankee PowerE5 6a ***Lead O/S???/2014High Tor
Flaky WallE4 6a ***Lead O/S???/2014High Tor
Tarantulaf7C **Sent24/Oct/13Nuda's Tartan
What a small world7b *Solo O/S17/Oct/13Cala Sa Nau
Balsa Boys7a+ **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Mitjana
Rich Bitch7a **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Mitjana
Captain Black7a **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Sa Nau
Attack of the Spindly Killer Fish7a+ **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Sa Nau
Fuut Lapen7a Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Oachikas7a **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Drop Shadow Diseases6c+ **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Erection7b **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
The Might of the Stalactite7a **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Transversal7a ***Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Big XXL7a ***Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Tower of Power7a Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Golden Shower7a ***Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Klem Beach6b+ *Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Bisexual7a **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Metrosexual7a+ **Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Homosexual7b *Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
Hercules6c ***Solo O/S??/Oct/13Cala Barques
The Wizard of Oz7b ***Solo O/S30/Aug/13Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
The Swinging Nineties7b ***Solo??/Aug/13Cave Hole
Z-CarsE6 6b *Solo??/Aug/13Lulworth
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***Solo??/Aug/13Lulworth
Stagedivin'7a+ *Solo??/Aug/13Lulworth
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***Solo??/Aug/13Lulworth
Stagedivin'7a+ *Solo??/Aug/13Lulworth
Chimes Alternative8a -16/Jun/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
ReproductionE6 6b ***Lead O/S11/Jun/13High Tor
Power Allowancef7B **Sent02/Apr/13Stoney Middleton
Big AirE6 6b **Solo O/S30/Mar/13Stanage Plantation
NarcissusE6 6b ***Solo β29/Mar/13Froggatt Edge