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Logbook for Joe Dove

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Flying Buttress DirectLead16/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Pure, White and Deadly2nd13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Flaky WallLead13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Pure, White and DeadlyLead13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Outlook SlabLead13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Goliath's GrooveLead13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Tower Face DirectLead13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
RatanuitLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Sense VolerLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Diagonal PocketsLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
TootsieLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Mou els peusLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
En pas descanseLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Sa nyosclaLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
ParamueroLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Jardiners sense fronteresLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Wall and GrooveLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
FlorinottoLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
CrackLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
ReachyLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
The Juggy OneLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
NautilusLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
XoricsLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
RepusaiLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
BeachcomberLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Ses tres MariesLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
AsullaLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
L'amo de Baltix m'enviaLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
Captain NemoLead27/Mar/09Cala Magraner
ZiritioneLead26/Mar/09Es Fumat
DukeLead26/Mar/09Es Fumat
Na PaloniaLead26/Mar/09Es Fumat
Cala BruixLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
Al tanto que va de cantoLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
El Canto del LocoLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
BufonLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
EndemicusLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
LúciferLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
MetállicaLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
SnoopyLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
MafaldaLead25/Mar/09Puig de Garrafa
Pammi-ALead24/Mar/09La Creveta
KrilinLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
Terapia de grupoLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
Ca magre, puçesLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
150 SipisLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
Récords de BunyolaLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
El Sant CristLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
Som-hiLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
Ball o'en banyeta verdaLead24/Mar/09La Creveta
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