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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Impropa Opera f7B+ *** Sent 16/Oct The Bowderstone
Hades Lair f7A ** Sent 15/Oct Coniston Bouldering
Warstarter f7B+ ** Sent 15/Oct Coniston Bouldering
From the Earth's Cauldron f6B *** Sent 15/Oct Coniston Bouldering
Shyla Stylez f7A+ ** Sent 15/Oct Coniston Bouldering
Dancing Fish Standing f7B *** Sent 08/Oct Water-cum-Jolly
Tsunami f8A ** Sent 25/Sep Water-cum-Jolly
Caviar Start f7B * Sent 24/Sep Water-cum-Jolly
Bigger Splash Direct - Kneeling Start f7C ** Sent 24/Sep Water-cum-Jolly
Sheep Shagger f7A+ Sent 18/Sep Cave Dale (Castleton)
Sheep Shifter lefthand f7B Sent 18/Sep Cave Dale (Castleton)
The Pinch f7C Sent 17/Sep Crag X
Alternative Three f6B *** Sent 27/Aug Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Tripitaka f7A+ Sent β 20/Aug Roche Abbey
Jazzy Jester f7B ** Sent 18/Aug Roche Abbey
Blue Circles f7A Sent 13/Aug Anston Stones Wood
Bad Habits Sit Start f7A *** Sent β 11/Aug Roche Abbey
Borg f6C Sent β 11/Aug Roche Abbey
Crystal f6C Sent x 11/Aug Roche Abbey
Passion f7A+ ** Sent β 11/Aug Roche Abbey
Tiger Style f7A Sent 05/Aug Water-cum-Jolly
Orange Sunshine 7c+ ** Lead RP 04/Aug Chee Dale Upper
Chimes short 8a ** Lead RP 29/Jul Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Jacobs' Cracker f7C Sent 27/Jul Water-cum-Jolly
Pinch Punch f7A Sent 27/Jul Water-cum-Jolly