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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Posing Pouch6a+ TR O/S 24/Jul/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Posing till the End5a *- 24/Jul/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
I am a Poser and I Don't Care5c *- 24/Jul/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Another Roadside Attraction6a *- 24/Jul/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Big Fat Texan on the Corner6a *TR O/S 26/Jun/14Horseshoe Quarry
He Seems so Sumo6a TR O/S 26/Jun/14Horseshoe Quarry
Wake Up Call6b Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Masson Lees Quarry
Who Sat On My Satsuma?6a *Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Masson Lees Quarry
A Life Of Grime6a Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Masson Lees Quarry
Fun In The Sun6a+ *Lead O/S 25/Jun/14Masson Lees Quarry
snowdrop6a+ **Lead O/S 05/Jun/14Penmaen Head
70 degrees6c+ *2nd dog 05/Jun/14Penmaen Head
Helyg Crack6a *Lead O/S 02/Jun/14Penmaen Head
Intruder5c *Lead O/S 02/Jun/14Penmaen Head
The Coming of the Sparrows5c Lead O/S 26/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Galaxy Quest5c Lead O/S 26/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
In the Gravy6a+ *Lead O/S 26/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Slate Gray Lining5c Lead O/S 16/Mar/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Swooping on Nigel's Ruby5c *Lead O/S 16/Mar/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
The Evolution of Micradia5c *Lead O/S 16/Mar/14Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)
Memories6a *Lead O/S 20/Jul/13High Tor
Dutch Moon6b **2nd dog 20/Jul/13High Tor
Saga Lout6b+ *Lead O/S 20/Jul/13High Tor
No Reptiles6a *Lead O/S 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
Long-legged Lizard from Liverpool6a *Lead O/S 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
Borderline6a+ **2nd β 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
Over the Wall6a+ *2nd β 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
SND4a *Lead O/S 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
Forever the Suspect6a+ *2nd β 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
No Remittal6a 2nd β 26/May/13Trevor Rocks Area
QueersvilleHVS 5a ***2nd O/S 18/Nov/12Stanage Popular
The Left UnconquerableE1 5b ***2nd O/S 18/Nov/12Stanage Plantation
EliminatorHVS 5b **2nd O/S 18/Nov/12Stanage Popular
Nappy Hour5a Lead O/S 10/Oct/12Intake Quarry
White Tripe5a Lead O/S 10/Oct/12Intake Quarry
My Furious Tortoise6b *Lead O/S 10/Oct/12Intake Quarry
Life has no Porpoise6a *Lead O/S 10/Oct/12Intake Quarry
Third Time LuckyE1 5c **Solo 06/Oct/12Beacon Hill
Jamcrack5.9 **2nd O/S 30/Aug/12Sunnyside Bench
Bummer5.10c *TR 30/Aug/12Sunnyside Bench
Commitment5.9 **2nd O/S 30/Aug/12Yosemite Falls
School's Out6a+ *Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
The Director's Cut6a+ 2nd O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
Blade Runner6a+ *2nd O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
The Small Room6a+ Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
Thomas Crapper6a - 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
Two Loos4a Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
Latrec5a Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
On Uranus6a Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
Eau de Toilette6a Lead O/S 11/Aug/12Horseshoe Quarry
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