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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Oak Tree Zag ZigVS 4c Lead13/May/15Bench Tor
Central ButtressVD Lead13/May/15Bench Tor
Suspended SentenceHVS 5b *Lead13/May/15Bench Tor
Empty CaveHS 4a Lead04/May/15Easter Butteress
Creme EggHS 4a Lead04/May/15Easter Butteress
Midwife CrisisVS 5a Lead04/May/15Easter Butteress
Inverted VHVS 4c *Lead03/May/15Three Cliffs Bay
Arch SlabVS 4c **Lead03/May/15Three Cliffs Bay
Cleft ID 2nd03/May/15Three Cliffs Bay
Wedge Dew Bin5a Lead02/May/15Wedge Wall
Atomic Wedgie6a Lead02/May/15Wedge Wall
Wedge-egade Master5c Lead02/May/15Wedge Wall
Wedgling5a Lead02/May/15Wedge Wall
Laughing Spam FritterVS 4b Lead02/May/15Trial Wall
deep cutVD Lead02/May/15Sheepbone Wall
Great Diedre IIVS 4c Lead02/May/15Sheepbone Wall
Pistas CanuteVS 4b Lead02/May/15Sheepbone Wall
First DiedreD 2nd02/May/15Sheepbone Wall
Recess CrackVS 4c Lead02/May/15Sheepbone Wall
Nardly Stoad's ClimbS Lead29/Apr/15Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
PralineVS 5a Lead29/Apr/15Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
AquilineHVS 5a Lead29/Apr/15Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
Midas TouchHVS 5a Lead29/Apr/15Parsons Hole (aka Telegraph...
Tiny TimHVS 5a *Lead15/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
Sunshine6a *AltLd15/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
Time PassagesHVS 5a Lead15/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
EraVS 4c *2nd15/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
Sunshine6a *Lead05/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
St JudeS 4a TR05/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
Blue Sky5c *Lead05/Apr/15Anstey's Cove
ReekHS 4b **Lead01/Apr/15Chudleigh Rocks
Inkerman GrooveVS 4c ***Lead01/Apr/15Chudleigh Rocks
E13M Solo22/Mar/15Leigh Tor
Demo RouteHS 4b ***2nd07/Mar/15Sennen
Hayloft GullyD 2nd07/Mar/15Sennen
Vertical CrackHS 4c **Lead07/Mar/15Sennen
No NameVD Lead07/Mar/15Sennen
Griptight GullyD Solo07/Mar/15Sennen
The AreteVS 4b *Lead07/Mar/15Sennen
Eight Ball4c **DWS04/Oct/14Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Oz Wall Traverse6b+ ***DWS04/Oct/14Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)
Cavewoman6c ***DWS dnf04/Oct/14Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)
Watting Yer Ouzel6c+ *DWS dnf04/Oct/14Berry Head (Coastguard Cliffs)
Opposite Rippled Wall P69V0 5a **Sent24/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Dark Side TraverseV1 5c *Sent24/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Bridge P50V1 5c Sent24/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Umpire Wall left areteE2 5b TR24/Sep/14Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Rounded areteVB 4b Sent10/Sep/14Combestone Tor
Slabby wallVB 3b Sent10/Sep/14Combestone Tor
Runnel in slabby wallVB 3a Sent10/Sep/14Combestone Tor