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Logbook for Philsy

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
LedgewayHVS 5a TRLiv, Baz, Dave Watson26/Sep/09Castle Naze
No NameS 4b LeadDave Watson26/Sep/09Castle Naze
Keep CornerS 4a *2ndDave Watson26/Sep/09Castle Naze
Footstool RightHVD 4a *2ndDave Watson26/Sep/09Castle Naze
Zig-a-Zag-aD *LeadAnneliese26/Sep/09Castle Naze
Bloody CrackS 4a LeadDave Watson26/Sep/09Castle Naze
The NicheS 4a **Leaddaveyw26/Sep/09Castle Naze
LandsicknessE3 6a **TR dogLiv, Nick P, Baz20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
N.M.C. CrackVD **LeadNick P20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
Apple ArÍteVS 4b ***2ndNick P20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
BitterVS 5a *2ndNick P20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
Apple Jack CrackVD *2ndLiv, Baz20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
Moyer's VariationS 4c LeadNick P20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
Velvet CracksHS 4b 2ndLiv, Baz20/Sep/09Gardoms Edge
Leaning Buttress CrackVD **LeadDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
Pedestal ChimneyD *LeadDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
ShuffleVD 2ndDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
Boot CrackVD *LeadDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Cave GullyD 2ndDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's CrackVD **LeadDave Hall06/Sep/09Stanage Popular
Blocked GullyM SoloBaz18/Aug/09Baslow Edge
Stepped GrooveM SoloBaz18/Aug/09Baslow Edge
Left Recess CrackS 3c LeadBaz17/Aug/09Burbage North
Brooks' LaybackHS 4b **2ndBaz17/Aug/09Burbage North
ObscenityVS 4c ***2ndBaz17/Aug/09Burbage North
Y Gelynen (Severe Finish)S **Lead O/SMark Russell25/Jul/09Craig Yr Wrysgan
SionS Lead O/SMark Russell24/Jul/09Clogwyn Cyrau
Little ChimneyVD Lead O/SMark Russell24/Jul/09Clogwyn Cyrau
The GrooveVD 2ndMark Russell24/Jul/09Clogwyn Cyrau
April CrackHS 4b ***2ndDave Hall18/Jul/09Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackVD ***LeadDave Hall18/Jul/09Stanage Popular
Bishop's RouteS 4a ***2ndAnne / Emily18/Jul/09Stanage Popular
The MarmosetHS 4c *LeadBaz14/Jun/09Stanage End
February CrackHS 4b *LeadBaz14/Jun/09Stanage End
MaiVS 4b 2ndBaz14/Jun/09Stanage End
Feathered FriendsVS 4b *2ndBaz14/Jun/09Stanage End
Kelly's CrackVD **LeadBaz14/Jun/09Stanage End
Ladder CracksD LeadBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Fern CrackVS 4c ***2ndBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Wall End SlabVS 5a **2ndBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Outlook SlabVS 5a *2ndBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Wall End Flake CrackVS 4c **2ndBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Hollybush Gully LeftHS 4b **LeadBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Wall End Crack DirectHS 4b **Lead dnfBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
The CoignHS 4b **Lead dnfBaz13/Jun/09Stanage Plantation
Army DreamersHVS 5a **2ndDave Watson24/May/09St. Govan's Head
Sea MistHS 4a **LeadDave Watson23/May/09Saddle Head
UrchinS 4a *2ndDave Watson23/May/09Saddle Head
Flake-QuakeS *LeadDave Watson23/May/09Saddle Head
No HandsVS 4c *2ndDave Watson23/May/09Saddle Head
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