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Logbook for Steve Perry

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Climax6a *Lead O/SKatie Long17/Oct/14Kastri
Red Rooster6a LeadKatie Long17/Oct/14Kastri
Bibou6a+ ***LeadKatie Long17/Oct/14Kastri
Quando tramonta il sol6a+ *LeadKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
Sapfo6a+ **Lead O/SKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
Ouzo5c **Lead O/SKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
Metaxas6a+ **Lead O/SKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
M.A.O. (ex Via Alp)5c **Lead O/SKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
Kalimera6a+ *LeadKatie Long16/Oct/14Poets
Broom6a Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Skorpios6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Octana6b ***LeadKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Neanderthaler6a+ **Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Mike's Bikes6a Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Ivan5c Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Carlo Juliana6a **Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Anemodarmeni6a **Lead O/SKatie Long15/Oct/14Symblegades Petres
Stars on Stage6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Cacoyannis6b ***LeadKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Climbing is the 2nd Best Feeling6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Slalom6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Newcomer5c ***Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Sintro6b **LeadKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Piranha5c **Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Piranha Extension6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long13/Oct/14Sea Breeze
Let There Be Rock6a **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Blooming5c **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Iris Production5a **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Riglos6a *Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Koutsoumoura5c **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Siga Siga6a **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Dimitra6a+ **Lead dnfKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Trokrakhan6a **Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Wisteria Lane5c *Lead O/SKatie Long12/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Too Fat for Tufas6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Roufos6a ***Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Lavraki5c *Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Smineri5a **Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Blind Test5c *Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Controlling Crew5c *Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Coco Rose6a+ *Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Kiss My Axe6a *Lead O/SKatie Long11/Oct/14Dolphin Bay
Hocla6a **LeadKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Gruselino5c *LeadKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Gonegli kiz (Sunshine girl)5c **Lead dogKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Scarabeus5b *Lead O/SKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Damokles6a *LeadKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Rewithia5b Lead O/SKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Geckos Home5c Lead O/SKatie Long10/Oct/14Kastelli
Ralarwdins6b+ ***Lead dnfDavid (Ireland)26/Sep/14Llanddulas Cave
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