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NameStyleDate Crag name
Kudos Original Sit Start EliminateSent x03/Dec/14Water-cum-Jolly
Kudos original sit startSent x30/Nov/14Water-cum-Jolly
Dry Wit in a Wet CountrySent x24/Nov/14Robin Hood's Stride
The KidSent O/S24/Nov/14Robin Hood's Stride
The Green AlternativeLead RP17/Nov/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Eat the RichLead RP03/Nov/14Water-cum-Jolly
SalarLead RP31/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
JezebelLead β31/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
Kudos OriginalLead rpt31/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
RocklandisLead β28/Oct/14Zeus & Meltemi
IsabelLead β28/Oct/14Zeus & Meltemi
Blonde, James BlondeLead β28/Oct/14Zeus & Meltemi
Alexis ZorbasLead O/S27/Oct/14Spartacus
MagnetusLead RP27/Oct/14Spartacus
Super ThemelinaLead RP26/Oct/14Iannis
VerikokoLead β26/Oct/14Iannis
Lucifer's HammerLead O/S25/Oct/14The Spartan Walls
KerverosLead RP25/Oct/14Spartacus
Mon BatchounousougounoudoudouLead O/S25/Oct/14Spartacus
Inti RaymiLead RP24/Oct/14Odyssey
Il gigante e la bambinaLead O/S24/Oct/14Odyssey
Priapos P1Lead G/U23/Oct/14Grande Grotta
ThemelinaLead O/S22/Oct/14Iannis
ClydeLead β21/Oct/14Odyssey
AndromedaLead RP21/Oct/14Odyssey
Aeolia ExtensionLead O/S20/Oct/14Panorama
AnalLead O/S19/Oct/14Galatiani
LatexLead O/S19/Oct/14Galatiani
NymfiLead O/S19/Oct/14Galatiani
PerskindolLead β18/Oct/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
The CraicLead β18/Oct/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
SevastiLead β18/Oct/14Iannis
TalonLead O/S16/Oct/14The Ghost Kitchen
AxiumLead O/S16/Oct/14The Ghost Kitchen
ThimariLead O/S16/Oct/14The Ghost Kitchen
PanakiaLead O/S15/Oct/14Afternoon
Les AmazonesLead O/S15/Oct/14Spartacus
GladiatorLead RP15/Oct/14Spartacus
NemesisLead RP04/Oct/14Chee Dale Lower
CosmopolitanLead RP08/Sep/14Chee Dale Lower
R'n'PLead RP24/Aug/14Chee Dale Lower
Whose Line is it Anyway?Lead RP24/Aug/14Chee Dale Lower
Kleiner DickerLead O/S31/Jul/14Rothelfels
Direkte FeindschaftLead O/S31/Jul/14Rothelfels
Station 52Lead O/S30/Jul/14Stadeltenne
NordrissLead O/S30/Jul/14Stadeltenne
StadeltenneLead O/S30/Jul/14Stadeltenne
Alltag in FrankenLead O/S30/Jul/14Stadeltenne
MassarbeitLead RP30/Jul/14Stadeltenne
Drunks in the GymLead O/S29/Jul/14Reichelsmühler Wand
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