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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
15 Steps7a+ *Lead O/S19/Apr/15Goddard's Quarry
Heather WallVS 4c **Lead O/S10/Feb/15Stanage Popular
Romper Biceps6b ***Lead O/S27/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Calidad alemana6b *Lead O/S27/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Liron careto7c ***Lead RP26/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Liron Careto Pitch 17a Lead O/S26/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Alobeitor6a+ ***Lead O/S26/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Sin mantenimiento6a ***Lead O/S26/Dec/14Desplomilandia
El angel flamenco7a *Lead RP25/Dec/14Desplomilandia
La conexión pelirroja8a **Lead RP24/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Mar de Ortigas8a ***Lead RP19/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Maganto pro6a Lead O/S19/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Maganto6a *Lead O/S19/Dec/14Desplomilandia
Scar Tissue5.12a ***Lead O/S31/Oct/14The Zoo
Cannonball5.11b ***Lead O/S31/Oct/14The Zoo
Edge-a-Sketch5.11a Lead O/S30/Oct/14The Great Wall (RRG->MV)
Bitter Ray of Sunshine5.10c **Lead O/S30/Oct/14The Great Wall (RRG->MV)
Immaculate Deception5.11d ***Lead O/S30/Oct/14Muir Valley
Jesus Wept5.12d ***Lead RP30/Oct/14Red River Gorge
Night Moves5.11b Lead O/S29/Oct/14The Great Arch (RRG->MV)
Lip Service5.11c Lead O/S29/Oct/14The Great Arch (RRG->MV)
Black Powder5.10a **Lead O/S29/Oct/14The Great Arch (RRG->MV)
Abiyoyo5.12b Lead O/S29/Oct/14Solarium
Girls Gone Wild ... WOO!5.10d ***Lead O/S28/Oct/14Shady Grove (PMRP)
Coming Out Party5.11d ***Lead O/S28/Oct/14Shady Grove (PMRP)
Far From God5.12b ****Lead O/S28/Oct/14Shady Grove (PMRP)
Citizen's Arete5.11b ***Lead O/S28/Oct/14Shady Grove (PMRP)
Avalanche Run5.11d ***Lead O/S27/Oct/14Red River Gorge
DaVinci's Left Ear5.10b Lead O/S27/Oct/14The Gallery (RRG->PMRP)
Outlaw Justice5.11d Lead O/S26/Oct/14Red River Gorge
Amarillo Sunset5.11b ***Lead O/S26/Oct/14Red River Gorge
K.S.B.5.10d **Lead O/S26/Oct/14The Shire (RRG->PMRP)
Tim Wilander5.11d Lead O/S26/Oct/14The Shire (RRG->PMRP)
Mosaic5.12c Lead RP24/Oct/14The Gallery (RRG->PMRP)
Random Precision5.11b Lead O/S24/Oct/14The Gallery (RRG->PMRP)
Gold Rush5.11d Lead O/S24/Oct/14The Gallery (RRG->PMRP)
Break the Scene5.12a Lead O/S24/Oct/14The Gallery (RRG->PMRP)
Snarf Victory5.10b *Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
Sunday night cockfights5.11b *Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
Throbbing emotions5.10a *Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
Hip to the jive5.11b ***Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
Wobbler5.11d ***Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
J-Rat's Back5.12a ***Lead O/S23/Oct/14The chocolate factory (RRG)
Summer Sunshine5.12b ***Lead O/S22/Oct/14Solarium
Galunati5.12b Lead O/S22/Oct/14Solarium
Mirage5.12c Lead O/S22/Oct/14Solarium
Sacriledge5.10d **Lead O/S21/Oct/14The Arsenal
Bathtub Mary5.11a ***Lead O/S21/Oct/14The Arsenal
Magnum Opus5.12b ***Lead O/S21/Oct/14Solarium
Banshee5.11c ***Lead O/S21/Oct/14Solarium