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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Old HolbornM **Lead O/S02/May/11Long Scar
Brown SlabsD **Lead O/S30/Apr/11Shepherds Crag
Cub's WallVD *TR O/S30/Apr/11Scout Crags
Cub's CrackHS 4b *TR O/S30/Apr/11Scout Crags
Cub's GrooveVD *TR O/S30/Apr/11Scout Crags
Lichen SlabVD TR O/S10/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Lover's Leap ChimneyVD 4b **Lead O/S10/Apr/11Brimham Rocks
Brown Slabs DirectVD ***Solo rpt19/Sep/09Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs CrackVS 4c **Solo rpt19/Sep/09Shepherds Crag
Little ChamonixVD ***Solo rpt18/Sep/09Shepherds Crag
Middlefell ButtressD *Solo O/S14/Sep/09Raven Crag (Langdale)
Middlefell Buttress Right Hand Crack Start (Castration Crack)S Solo O/S14/Sep/09Raven Crag (Langdale)
Curtain WallD *Solo O/S14/Sep/09Raven Crag (Langdale)
Cadbury's FlakeHS 4b Lead O/S09/Sep/09Lamb Hill Quarry
Big Ted Meets PandemoniumE1 5b TR RP09/Sep/09Lamb Hill Quarry
Scugdale Chimney EliminateVS 4b Lead O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Holly Tree HoverVS 5a Lead O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
The MantelshelfHS 4b *2nd O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Razor WallHS 4b Lead O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Razor RibVD **2nd O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Curtain CrackVD 2nd O/S08/Jul/09Scugdale - Scot Crags
Lichen SlabVD Solo rpt24/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Heather WallS 4a *Lead rpt24/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Allan's CrackVS 4c ***Lead O/S03/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Fag SlabS 4a **Lead O/S03/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Fag EndS 4a *Lead O/S03/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Pig TraverseHS 4b **Lead O/S03/Jun/09Brimham Rocks
Downholme RacerHVS 4c *TR rpt29/May/09Downholme Quarry
Line of FireHS 4b TR rpt29/May/09Downholme Quarry
The Thwarting of The Vamp CowHS 4b TR rpt29/May/09Downholme Quarry
Je Cours Tout SeulVS 4b *TR rpt29/May/09Downholme Quarry
Fascination StreetS 4c TR rpt29/May/09Downholme Quarry
Lichen SlabVD Lead rpt20/May/09Brimham Rocks
Heather WallS 4a *Lead rpt20/May/09Brimham Rocks
Lover's Leap ChimneyVD 4b **Lead rpt13/May/09Brimham Rocks
Birch Tree WallVS 4c ***Lead rpt13/May/09Brimham Rocks
Line of FireHS 4b TR rpt22/Apr/09Downholme Quarry
Downholme RacerHVS 4c *TR O/S22/Apr/09Downholme Quarry
Je Cours Tout SeulVS 4b *TR O/S22/Apr/09Downholme Quarry
El CapitainHS 4c TR O/S22/Apr/09Downholme Quarry
Sweet PleasureE1 5b *TR rpt22/Apr/09Downholme Quarry
S CrackVS 4c ***Lead O/S29/Oct/08Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Flake CrackHS 4a *2nd O/S29/Oct/08Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Swans to Steele6a Lead O/S22/Oct/08Giggleswick South
Practice Putt6a+ Lead O/S22/Oct/08Giggleswick South
Chopping Block6a+ Lead O/S15/Oct/08Giggleswick South
Swans to Steele6a Lead RP15/Oct/08Giggleswick South
ExtremitiesE1 5c TR dog08/Oct/08Slipstones
Paul's Arete Right HandE1 5b **TR dog08/Oct/08Slipstones
Steve's WallE1 5b **TR dog08/Oct/08Slipstones