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NameStyleDate Crag name
Grit StyleSent x28/Aug/11Wimberry Rocks
K Buttress SlabSolo21/Aug/11Bamford Edge
Que? SlabSolo21/Aug/11Bamford Edge
SnapSent21/Aug/11Bamford Edge
Possibility2nd O/S21/Aug/11Bamford Edge
Right Arete SSSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Left ChipsSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Right AreteSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Left AreteSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Sloping Top WallSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Letterbox SlotSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
The SlabSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
ChipperSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Shallow WaterSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Stream SlabSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Stream AreteSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
PocketsSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
WhaleboneSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
The ScoopSent O/S31/Jul/11Wimberry Rocks
Niche Wall Direct2nd rpt02/May/11Stanage Popular
Physiology2nd rpt02/May/11Stanage Popular
Handy PocketSent O/S28/Nov/10Millstone Edge
Caley AreteSent O/S07/Nov/10Stanage Plantation
The Blue MeanieSent x08/Oct/10Dumbarton Rock
Fridays FillSent O/S08/Oct/10Dumbarton Rock
Friar's MantleSent O/S08/Oct/10Dumbarton Rock
Hearsay Crack2nd rpt02/Oct/10Stanage North
The Knutter2nd O/S02/Oct/10Stanage North
Bunny WailerSent x26/Sep/10Stanage Plantation
The Totem PoleSent O/S05/Sep/10Bois Ronds
Orange 15Sent O/S05/Sep/10Bois Ronds
The Grinding SloperSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Easy SlabSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Easy Slab Right-handSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Left Twin AreteSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Right Twin ArÍteSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Flake SlabSent O/S30/Aug/10Newstones
Magnetic North StartSent O/S22/Aug/10Stanage Popular
Big BusinessSent O/S25/Jul/10Stanage Plantation
Crozzle SlabSent O/S25/Jul/10Stanage Plantation
AreteSent O/S25/Jul/10Stanage Plantation
Nobody's BusinessSent rpt25/Jul/10Stanage Plantation
Flat Wall TraverseSent04/Jul/10Stanage Popular
Block WallSent x04/Jul/10Stanage Popular
EenySent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular
MeenySent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Mo'Sent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Fo'Sent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Left LegSent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Middle LegSent O/S27/Jun/10Stanage Popular