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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Celtic CrossSent x08/Feb/11Burbage South Quarries
Side-pull ArchSent x08/Feb/11Burbage South Quarries
Route 2Sent x19/Jan/11Burbage North
Tree Stump TraverseSent x19/Jan/11Burbage North
Banana FingerSent x18/Jan/11Burbage North
Route 1Sent β17/Jan/11Burbage North
Scoop EliminateSent x??/Jan/11Burbage South Valley Boulders
Another Brick in the Wall2nd O/S24/May/09Shorn Cliff
Hydraulic JumpLead O/S24/May/09Shorn Cliff
DictatorLead dog24/May/09Shorn Cliff
GibbonTR O/S12/May/09Symonds Yat
DwarfTR dog12/May/09Symonds Yat
Funky GibbonTR O/S12/May/09Symonds Yat
B-B-B-BoonTR O/S12/May/09Symonds Yat
Funky DungTR dnf12/May/09Symonds Yat
IsisLead O/S10/May/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
FafnirAltLd O/S10/May/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Osiris2nd O/S10/May/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
FriggLead O/S10/May/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
TrilobiteTR rpt08/May/09Tintern Quarry
DinomaniaTR rpt08/May/09Tintern Quarry
DinomaniaLead dog06/May/09Tintern Quarry
Phil in the GapsLead O/S06/May/09Tintern Quarry
Alter EgoLead O/S06/May/09Tintern Quarry
FibreAltLd O/S02/May/09Wyndcliffe
ScavengerLead O/S26/Apr/09Three Cliffs Bay
Inverted VLead O/S26/Apr/09Three Cliffs Bay
Spouse Crack2nd O/S26/Apr/09Three Cliffs Bay
Arch Slab2nd O/S26/Apr/09Three Cliffs Bay
Perseverance2nd O/S26/Apr/09Three Cliffs Bay
CrowTR O/S24/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Home is where the URL isLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Feline GroovyLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Toys 4 BoysLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
So, Graham NortonLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Puffed DaddyLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Land of Hype and GloryLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Don't panic, Climb Organic.Lead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
More Fluff than StuffLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Sea of ChangeLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Ghetto FabulousLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Box of TricksLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Mojo ManLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
Just a MoLead rpt18/Apr/09Tintern Quarry
The BottleLead O/S15/Apr/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Eden2nd O/S15/Apr/09Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
MothAltLd O/S05/Apr/09Wintour's Leap
Swallow's NestLead O/S05/Apr/09Wintour's Leap
ButterflyAltLd rpt05/Apr/09Wintour's Leap
PapillonLead O/S21/Mar/09Wyndcliffe