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NameStyleDate Crag name
El torronetLead O/S07/Nov/08Sella
CartujalLead O/S07/Nov/08Sella
Bolt Tax2nd07/Nov/08Sella
Ocho fixeLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
El endoLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
Enérgico2nd O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
La roja tresLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
CostillaLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
La roja dosLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
Bella rutaLead O/S06/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
Espolón GrisAltLd O/S05/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
RenovAltLd O/S05/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
Espolón LimabanAltLd O/S04/Nov/08Sierra de Toix
Pequeñecos IIlLead O/S03/Nov/08Sella
Pequeñecos IlLead O/S03/Nov/08Sella
Con mallas y a lo locoLead O/S03/Nov/08Sella
A diestro y siniestro2nd O/S03/Nov/08Sella
A golpe y porrazoLead O/S03/Nov/08Sella
Greta2nd O/S19/Sep/08Wintour's Leap
Bow-Shaped Slab2nd O/S24/Aug/08Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped Corner2nd O/S24/Aug/08Flimston Bay
Sea Rider2nd O/S23/Aug/08Porth-Clais
Diagonal Crack2nd O/S23/Aug/08Porth-Clais
That Historic ReachLead O/S20/Jun/08Ban-y-gor
Morning WinpennyLead O/S20/Jun/08Ban-y-gor
My Little BuddhaLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
SlabtasticLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
Suburban DaveLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
SketchtasticLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
A Nugget of Purest GreenLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
Vertical ThrillLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
The Bolt FactoryLead O/S25/May/08Blacknor South
Do IxtlanLead O/S24/May/08Blacknor South
Hole in the Wall2nd O/S18/May/08Symonds Yat
Charge Transfer2nd O/S18/May/08Symonds Yat
HerbofiliaLead O/S04/Apr/08Cala Magraner
En pas descanseLead O/S04/Apr/08Cala Magraner
Wall and GrooveLead O/S04/Apr/08Cala Magraner
FlorinottoLead O/S04/Apr/08Cala Magraner
PerellóLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
Jardiners sense fronteresLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
ParamueroLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
Captain NemoLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
L'amo de Baltix m'enviaLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
CrackLead O/S03/Apr/08Cala Magraner
Movimiento sexyLead O/S02/Apr/08S'estret
Las cagaoLead O/S02/Apr/08S'estret
Part ForanaLead O/S02/Apr/08S'estret
Pasión interminableLead O/S02/Apr/08S'estret
El bandido de un brazo2nd02/Apr/08S'estret
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