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NameStyleDate Crag name
White Smear-04/May/08Trevor Rocks Area
Trabucco-04/May/08Trevor Rocks Area
No EvasionLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Impact ImminentLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Sudden ImpactLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
ImpactionLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Opening ImpactLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Full ImpactLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
I Met a Man from MarsLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Hornier ToadLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Horny ToadLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Hot DogSolo19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Chocolate FuddLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Fudd OffLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
Would I, Should I, Fudd ILead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
All Fudd UpLead19/Jul/07Trevor Rocks Area
SoapLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
SoapLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
The VarletLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Driller ThrillerLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Return of the GodsLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
A World in HarmonyLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Pep TalkLead11/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
BuccinatorLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Buccinator-07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Crimson DynamoLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Sally in PinkLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Grooved AreteLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Filth FazeLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Tower of BabelLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Babel FaceLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
HamletLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
CastellaLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
First GracesLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Shaken Not StirredLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
ChabrisLead07/Jul/07Dinbren Crags
Eliminate TwoTR21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
One StepTR21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Eliminate ThreeTR21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
The WebTR21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Pisa WallSolo21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Two EyesSolo21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Straight CrackSolo21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Eliminate WallSolo21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Mankey RoadSolo21/Jun/07Pex Hill Quarry
Snap DecisionLead11/Jun/07Harpur Hill Quarry
The Coming of the SparrowsLead11/Jun/07Harpur Hill Quarry
The Parting of the LipsLead11/Jun/07Harpur Hill Quarry
George Stark CallingLead11/Jun/07Harpur Hill Quarry
Little by LittleLead11/Jun/07Helsby